[FE8] FE: Dream of Five - Definitive Edition [Act 3 Released!]

Unexpectedly, including to myself, it is Patchday.

v. 0.2.3 Patchnotes


So, somewhat awkwardly, I don’t have an actual list of changes, for two reasons.

  1. The past couple months have been many tiny changes and the very significant change of making the whole of Act 4. As a result, I haven’t really been keeping track.

  2. More prosaically, Evernote decided to stop working and ate roughly 15 years of records.

I wasn’t planning to add another patch before [COMPLETE], but that’s still probably a couple months out and there’s a significant amount of changes that have been made to the early and midgame, too. Not least has been a significant rewrite of the C22 ending that owes a lot to an excellent critique by SirSpensir; the sequence of events is broadly unchanged, but some of the Gordian knots in the backstory have been sliced.

I imagine this will be a pretty similar experience to 1.0. There’s been intensive playtesting behind the scenes with some very experienced players who are stepping on rakes so you don’t have to, and that’s included the first three Acts as well, while we on the team work on graphics and supports (just 31 chains to go). Tentative release date, then, is roughly two months from now. Maybe a bit sooner, very unlikely to be much longer.

Happy hunting, Striders.


I’m new to this hack and I’ve been really enjoying it so far. One thing I wanna ask is does the prep menu bgm come FF Tactics? Because if it did then its so cool. I hope to play the completed version once its finished!


It does. The provenance of the tracks is listed in the music room (by acronym, anyway, for space reasons). Glad to hear you’re enjoying it!


Dream of Five? In the year 2024???


hi arch :slight_smile:


Wait a sec… Aren’t you the guy who was doing Elibean Nights? Maaaaan, you are the person who introduced me to the world of hackroms! What an honor!


Nah, you must be dreaming.

I know y’all have heard me say this a dozen times on Discord already but I’m still impressed with y’all for pulling this off! Maybe a little premature since the final release is a little ways off but even so, y’all should be proud. :slight_smile:


When the hack is expected to be complete?

In like a month. Maybe a little longer. It’s gameplay and story complete and has gone through extensive private testing, just putting those final significant touches on - most notably full supports and a couple of animations.


Love to hear it!!!


NO WAY!!! I can’t believe I’ll finally see this game finished, and this soon. You and the rest of the team are amazing :heart_eyes:


notably as of last night all CGs are done

there’s a few portraits i still have to revise and then it’s animations grind lol