[FE8] FE: Dream of Five - Definitive Edition [Act 3 Released!]

God I hate April 1


Curse you April Fools.

finally dream of five is now epic

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lol ok but seriously here’s the actual new patch

UPDATE: if you were quick on the draw and updated before seeing this message, re-download.

I do not know what happened here.

v. 0.2.2 Patchnotes
  • Kit sponsorship deal with Macca’s expired, Gabriel will no longer be covertly repping the golden arches
  • Corrected error where enemies would sometimes enter recovery mode without having recovery AI
  • C3: Erroneous recruit fixed to be soldier
  • C6x: Mioritza now drops at end of map if not received during map
  • Fixed floating 10 crit on Galehault
  • Fixed monster weapons not showing stats
  • A lot of help with music. New tracks from RandomWizard, ArcherBias, Cynon, RAUMEN1, Juan-Miguel and Mycahel; a reshuffle of track placement by RandomWizard
  • Devil sequence of weapons replaced by ‘Brutal’ weapons (A-rank, Steel+, Weight in the 17-20 range)
  • Barbed Lance / Bow renamed to ‘Vorpal’
  • New mugs for ka’Danos, Saskia, Callad, Alexis, byor’Dal, se’Mori (unpromoted), Blixa, Bellona
  • Corrected frames in some Rena variant portraits
  • Corrected Ironclad / Juggernaut to be vulnerable to armour-piercing weapons, and Cataphract not to be
  • Rena: +5% Spd growth, -5% Str growth
  • Cyrille: +1 Str/Def, +5% HP/Lck growth
  • Chester: +2 HP, +1 Str/Spd, -1 Skl
  • Marie: +2 Spd, +1 Str/Def, +1 Con, +5 Str/Skl/Def growth
  • Alexis: +2 Str/Spd, +1 HP/Def/Res, +1 Con, +5 Str/Skl/Def growth
  • Conleth: +2 Lck, +1 Res, +10% Res growth, +5% Str growth
  • Baldur: +2 HP, +1 Skl/Spd, +10% HP growth
  • Nari: +2 Lck, +1 HP/Skl; has access to the Marlinspike prf (Luna sword)
  • Nikita: +10% Str/Lck growth
  • byor’Dal: -1 Lv, +2 Skl, +5% HP/Str growth
  • Saskia: +2 Str/Spd, B → A Swords, -5% Str growth, +5% HP/Def growth
  • Lyndra/Morwen: Increased support growth speed
  • Very significant bosses now force animations (e.g. Act 2/3 finale)

I don’t know why, but I thought ‘vorpal’ had some kind of necessarily-slashing connotation. I cannot explain this. I know it’s a made-up word to describe a cool sword. I guess I always interpreted it as referring to its sweeping, decapitating strikes, the propensity to go snicker-snack, but it really could just be ‘lethal’ and that is the only real connotation.

Devil weapons are pretty pointless - their WEXP-grind niche is taken by the Glass weapons - but they show up on a couple enemies and apparently the player can pick one up at some point. They’ve been replaced by obscenely heavy A-ranks, about as powerful but with no backfire. In large part this is to give more weapon variety in Act 4, which was in danger of becoming Oops! All Silvers, but rest assured the player will get a full set by the end, too.

Baldur and Nari needed slight buffs, and more importantly, ways to stand out. But Nari in particular is flanked by just so many other swordsmen, so a Prf was really the only way out for her. The Marlinspike should help leverage her massive strength well, particularly against skeletons.

The thieves were fucking terrible. There isn’t room for them to be good. They still wear glowing neon signs reading ‘UTILITY UNIT’. But they function better and are easier and more rewarding to train, now. Saskia’s buffs came at the risk of invalidating Nikita, so her strength growth has been reduced very slightly. Which is more for vibe than in-practice, of course. The thieves needed absolute overkill speed, since there are a lot of very fast enemies in the hack. Base Saskia not doubling sentinels in C23 (not a typo) was not cutting it.

With the Gilded Edge upgrade, Rena could stand a very minor growth nerf to re-emphasise her intended role and statspread. Cyrille was very powerful in 0.1, but felt undercooked post-nerf, so that’s been mostly rolled back.


Several of the portrait updates are fairly small changes for just angles and proportions and a little detailing, but I’ve done some fairly major overhauls to a couple of them.

notably, Dal and Danos felt like they needed a bit more ondurite flavor, especially after I’ve decided to add some Hellenistic elements into the vibes, so I’ve gone ahead and updated their wardrobe. I felt if I’m going to use grecoroman stuff to complement Parr’s spartan writing inspirations in Onduris, then at least one person needed a musculata, and Danos felt like the right person for that. While Dal kept mostly the same vibes for his outfit, Danos is a drastic overhaul, so I gave his old armor, with some modificiations, to Callad instead.

Callad previously just had Geriks body wholesale with a bit of shading edits, but old Danos body actually fit him pretty well.

How Saskia’s old outfit worked was a mystery to me, and while I was able to sorta finagle it into a fullbody design in my sketchbook I was never happy with it. Still, it was technically fine so I decided to leave it early on, in case we had time constraints again

Turns out I’m done with mugs early and I’m revamping a lot of stuff, so! Saskia got a new outfit that’s both in line with intended Aukema vibes and actually makes sense.

Alexis is intended to be a pretty boy but his mug was a bit dated by our standards, so while his design largely stayed the same, I’ve gone ahead and completely revamped his shading and face to be more in line of what our 2024 vision of him should look like.


Chief, is it finally finished or will there be a fourth act? Is it really “definitive”? achoo :sneezing_face:

the definitive dream of five experience is waiting for the game to be finished



the literacy rates of feu are declining…


Imagine reading


Dismas come late but his stas is even better than my man Garath.
Kol is totally awesome Lance unit.
Asher is the 4th lord of this game :rofl:
Tricia as deloy merchant unit is totaly fit her than blademaiden class. You could made her sword rank transfer to bow rank when class change like other hack games. Female merchant unit is really rare to see :slight_smile:


Ngl I would had tried it if an avatar was a thing.

Why would you want a self instert character to ruin the narrative of a good story?


there is one though?
didnt you see the update?


Wasn’t that the April’s fool update?

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Thank you for informing me. I’ll cry myself to sleep over what might have been.


Unfathomably based

fixed growths please

There’s a patch on FEBuilder for it. It’s never going to be part of the supported modes, and isn’t what the game is built around, but it’s pretty trivial to add if it’s a make-or-break for a given player.

I do intend to add other, more transformative modes down the track - 0%, min% and max%, obviously, and at least one colour-blind configuration for unit mapsprite palettes - but that’s busy-work it’s easiest for me to do and worth putting patches out for, as opposed to having to put out a second patch every patchday that’s just one click removed from the core experience.


Hi, is act 3 complete yet?