[FE8] FE: Dream of Five - Definitive Edition [Act 3 Released!]

Merry Christmas! I had this update in the pipes for the past like five days, and had plans to add more supports. Then I forgot to add any more supports. Oh, well.

v. 0.1.4 Patchnotes
  • New original theme for Rena’s journal, courtesy of and immense thanks to A Reliable Chair
  • Supports: completed Sileth/Cathale, Arcus/Jolyon, Amelia/Rozelle
  • 8A: An Adept now drops a Heal staff
  • Driscoll: +1 Lv, +1 HP/Str/Skl/Def, +2 Lck, +5% Spd growth, D → C Axes
  • Mage/Sage: -1 Con
  • Elfire: 10 → 9 Wt
  • Thunder: 75 → 80 Hit, 9 → 10 Wt
  • Fimbulvetr: 12 → 8 Wt
  • Cured lockjaw in all generic portraits
  • Corrected Seraph Knight movement from 8 to 7
  • Fixed error where C15 could be accessed after the Checkpoint
  • Added Codex entries for Musain route (old files will not have 13A or 14A; this will be fixed by turn 1 of C15)
  • Promoted generic enemies are stronger (+5% HP/Def(/Res for magi), +10% Str/Skl/Spd growth)
  • Mug fixes for Asher, Tricia and mir’Katal
  • New animation for Asher, courtesy of Vyland
  • Sleep status now properly displays with sleep icon
  • Priest renamed Cleric
  • Bishop renamed High Priest
  • Fixed consistent error where new recruits could not be Shoved

I’m so tired of the Shove errors. Fortunately, I poked at something and fixed it. Turns out that Shove relies on a different AI set for SkillSys to know not to apply than it does for non-SkillSys; ‘do not charge’ (AI2:3) rather than ‘do not move at all’ (AI4:20 (blaze it)). No unit joins with 4:20. A bunch join with 2:3. So I’ve gone through and fixed at least a few of them, and if I’ve missed any, I can go fix them trivially.

It was increasingly clear as I poked at Act 3 that I’d undercooked promoted generic stats, so I’ve put some grunt back into them. It was pointed out that in Musain the player is kind of fucked if they’d de-equipped Lizaveta; fair enough, there’s now a guaranteed Heal for her.

Driscoll was one of the units most consistently reported as undertuned. Having poor base speed but a strong growth is basically his entire identity, so I’m trying to make him more reliable in other areas while also bolstering his growth slightly, to more reliably catch up in that area. The mages’ constitution was too high, so they were slimmed down, but so were the heavier tomes, with the exception of thunder; in line with handaxes and javelins, that was made slightly heavier, but more accurate. A relatively high emphasis is put on religion, and it’s not Fantasy Catholicism, so the bishops are defrocked; Asher also has a unique animation now, courtesy of Vyland, reflecting his magnificent flowing locks.

The biggest change is that, 12 years after I first told Astra ‘I dunno, Indignation could work’, Rena finally has a different character theme. Chair offered, I had something in mind, and I couldn’t be more happy with the final result.


Also an update from my side, I can’t physically show anything yet because it’s spoilers for act3 but

Finished painting a brand new CG

I’ll slowly work on updating the old cgs to modern quality also–I will post those when I’m done bc those are a decade old and most people have seen them by now.


Some supplementary material because I both felt like it, and it would be good to have a concrete reference for making sure characters are drawn consistently in CGs

Design sheets for the starting trio

I plan on doing these for at least Arcus/Mori/Jolyon/Sileth, a Thyra is also in progress, I probably should do the other characters that appear in cgs as well

might do them for the rest of the cast eventually


I didn’t think I could love Garath anymore than I do now.


Alright, normally with graphics that are in upcoming patches I just let the patch speak for itself, but since this is a major update to an existing player mug and I want to avoid confusion

so you know how I said I didn’t want any noticeable splices in any of the player mugs

Well turns out because I don’t splice a lot I can’t tell, but Ioan’s mug is actually pretty spliced so

I’m a mf of my word

new Ioan, in a 0.1.5 sometime near you

(will probably use old Ioan with a palette swap as a midboss somewhere)


Yaama, striders. It’s been a month! You’re due a patchday, though changes are fairly minor.

v. 0.1.5 Patchnotes
  • Fixed issue leftover from testing where Musain files would gain Onduris journal entries
  • 9A: Thugs in east bulwark now move, pod set to Squad AI; left Thug now has Hatchet instead of Hurlbat
  • 9A: Fixed issue where rout was hard-coded to clear a defeat boss chapter despite no flags being set to make that happen
  • 10A: Fixed flickering in gargoyle summoning events
  • 11A: Fixed Rozelle neutral palette
  • 11A: Turn 4, 6, 8 and 9 reinforcements from northwest of outside now spawn a few tiles east
  • 12A: Hurry-up reinforcement order changed to give less whiplash
  • 9B: Reshuffled enemy formations; replaced SE skirmishers and one mercenary with archers
  • 9B: Kahn fixed in place until recruitment
  • 10B: Made northeast bonesquad reinforcement more passive; resolved squad AI glitch by removing squad AI; repositioned one central myrmidon
  • 10B: Reclassed central squad skirmishers to archers
  • Light +5 Uses
  • Shine +150 Cost
  • Wither -2 Wt, +150 Cost
  • Reference to Musai king corrected
  • High Priests can now correctly Shove
  • Female Warriors can now use longbows
  • Corrected trace mentions of basic weapons being unable to crit
  • Completed supports: Marin/Florent, se’Mori/vi’Shen, Ioan/Seren, Driscoll/Lizaveta (SK), Chester/Cyrille (SK)
  • Minor text fixes
  • Inserted new versions of Grasping Hands and Steel Rose Order (thanks to Stardust Sheep)
  • Stripped out [OpenQuote]s in favour of "s
  • Re-ordered Options options
  • Improved mugs for Ioan, Vicentyr (Levin)

There’s been a slight reshuffle in magic equipment, for consistency’s sake.

9A was still a little too trivial; it’s frankly unrealistic that the little bandit bulwark might actually be taken on from the ‘front’, rather than being a thing it feels good to backstab. Also the weird skirmish glitch has been hammered out. Hopefully. 11A plays very well for the most part, but if you overextended, then reinforcements from a certain place were effectively ambush spawns and could clamp down heavily on your ability to do much of anything, basically fixing you in place (and respawning fast enough it was basically indefinite). A few tiles of breathing room should go a long way.

9B and 10B were slightly too chaotic at the outset. Kahn is now completely still while the in-your-face skeleton squad has been pushed back a bit. 10B also had an issue that I’m pretty sure must have stemmed from a lost save file somewhere along the line; I’m positive I made half the squad stationary, and yet they were not. Anyway, that’s been (re)fixed, to now pin down the sailorsquad less and also avoid the Squad AI attacking-off-phase glitch when sailors blundered in.

Otherwise, it’s mostly just miscellaneous fixes, five more support chains - in the unlikely event my count is accurate, we’re at 36/94 for the whole game - and the new Ioan mug, as well as improvements made to Vicentyr.

Progress report: chapters 15, 16 and 17 are ‘done’, but unpolished. Chapters 17x, 18 and 19 are theoretically playable, but haven’t yet been; about half their writing, collectively, is done. 20/21/22 have basically not been started; 22 will be the last chapter in the next release, finishing off Act 3. Act 4 is like 5-6 chapters. So we’re getting pretty close.


Awesome to hear how it’s coming along. Really excited about this hack.


Good news, Striders. It isn’t patchday yet, but that’s coming, in about a week. And we aren’t talking a ‘fixed AP on a class, +5% luck growth to such and such a unit’ kind of patch. Though that will also happen. But the main thing will be the release of Act 3; that is to say the nine chapters after the route-split, and fourteen new playable characters. We’re hammering out a few things, making sure it sees more than three sets of eyes and using that time to push out a ton of supports. We’ve already done around 35-40, there’s another dozen or so before every A/B route support is done; that’s the minimum, the stretch goal will be more significant post-split units (eg, Arcus/Mori).

FE8 Dream of Five.emulator-3FE8 Dream of Five.emulator-0
FE8 Dream of Five.emulator-1FE8 Dream of Five.emulator-2
I’ll also enable the full support viewer.

It’s hard to put into words the excitement - and the trepidation - I feel at this. The earlier patch was a different kind of terrifying, the reforged versions of old chapters. I was extremely confident they were superior to what had come before, but ‘What if nobody cares?’ was first and foremost in my mind. But now it’s the first time in over a decade that genuinely new Do5 chapters have been made. The story is very close to ending; there’s just six chapters after Act 3. I hope it can live up to expectations, and I greatly look forward to release soon.


For 12 years, people have waited to return to Aukema, as Rena’s journey has stalled out on the promise of a homecoming.

Now, at long last, that part of the story is finally ready to be told.

v 0.2 Patchnotes
  • XP formula changed: promoted PCs gain less XP, promoted enemies give more XP, bosses now give additional XP
  • Reordered Talk above Attack (Support remains underneath Attack)
  • Added ‘support increased’ feedback even when no complete conversation
  • Dracoliches no longer vulnerable to bows
  • New supports: Blixa/Rozelle, Ioan/Eilene, Florent/Jolyon, Marin/Cothiva, Rozelle/Annelise, Baldur/Nari, vi’Shen/Nikita, Jolyon/Meliza, Cathale/Florent, Blixa/Corbeau, Eudira/Gabriel, Jolyon/Marin, Chester/Asher (SK) and 1 from Act 3
  • Sorcha now uses a more on-brand Prf
  • Futzed around with some support values
  • Standardised boss battle music
  • Accidentally removed boss animations being forced, but rolled with it
  • Fix on Asher animation
  • Fix on Lyndra’s mug (thanks to Zane for catching the blink error)
  • Rena and Arcus now shed their armour in times of peace
  • New Drake Knight mapsprite courtesy of SHYUTERz
  • Corrected Steel Bow, Steel Longbow and Wither WEXP growth to 2. Steel descriptions now specify double growth
  • Asher: +1 Skill/Speed
  • Florent: -1 Lv, -1 Str/Spd, -2 Skl, D → C Sword, C → B Lance
  • Marin: -1 Lv, -1 Skl/Spd/Def, C → B Sword, D → C Lance
  • Lyndra: +10% Spd growth, +5% Skl/Def growth
  • Corbeau: +5% HP/Str/Lck growth
  • Nikita: +10% Luck, +5% Spd/Res growth
  • Brill: +10% Str, +5% Skl growth
  • byor’Dal: +10% Def, +5% Res growth
  • Kris: -2 Mt, +1 Wt
  • Flametongue: -2 Mt, +3 Wt
  • Siege tomes: -1 Mt, +10 Hit
  • C3: Overhauled completely; thanks to RW
  • C3: CG updated
  • C6x: Fixed Arcus not being shovable
  • C8x: Garath counts correct number of eyes
  • C14A: Shifted centre chests to flanks
  • C12B: Fixed rout clearing map; removed workaround
  • C14B: Fixed error where nobody outside the mandatory door has a key
  • Act 3: Exists

EDIT: Since one of the things I did apparently forget was to change the dialogue at the start of the Act 2 checkpoint, if you have a save there, just deploy and move Rena anywhere or have her wait to progress to Act 3.

Obviously the main draw of the patch is the nine new chapters in the aftermath of the route split, but there’s also been significant changes to the first half of the game.

Chapter 3 always kind of sucked? Like in the original it was 1-tile-choke snail-shell hell, and I fixed it to be 2-tile-choke snail-shell hell, back when I was basically less ambitious with changes. But it was still the obvious failson of Act 1. I had ideas to knock out some walls, but RW asked me to give her the ROM, so I gave her the ROM, and now C3 is good. Crowe with a longbow instagibbed Asher, though, which was a touch oppressive given the approach and the fact he’s the only healer to that point. Now he has the one point of speed he needed to avoid that, and a point of skill on top of that because it made his stats just look nicer. The cavaliers were a little overtuned, so I did the ‘take away a good level’ move, while bolstering their conspicuously poor ranks.

C14A having three chest zones was a bit of a quarter-eater, and common feedback was that there could be a wait just to schlep the thief around the map. They’re now in two places, but the dracoliches won’t be such a pushover, though still, ideally, won’t be too challenging; will just take a more concerted effort than being bulldozed by Crowe/Franseza.

Experience formulae are tricky, you always kind of have to take the long view with them. Strict Fates XP wasn’t cutting the mustard in a couple of ways; there was a weird blind spot where unpromoted enemies gave more XP than promoted, and boss XP wasn’t a thing at all. Lumi did some things with code, and after a couple of stabs at it we arrived somewhere that works well through Act 3 and should continue to work through the remainder of the game, while leaving the XP curve in the first half of the game basically unchanged (bar bosses giving XP now).

From the perspective of just having beaten Act 2, buffs to Act 2 prepromotes might seem hard to fathom, but those units quickly fall off relative to promoted growth units by even early Act 3 and by the new units who join around that time. I decided to bolster their strengths while leaving their weaknesses intact. Of course, what’s most important is untouched; they’re mid-game power spike units who tail off, and they still tail off, given that their bases are unimpressive for their level in a game where level does actually matter. But this should touch them up enough to make sure they can limp on to endgame, if favoured enough. Eudira misses out; her growths are already strong all-around, bar the obvious missing piece where you just hand her back the Serendipity Ring anyway, and she hasn’t really seen a lot of use given how late she joins so nobody really knows how she fares.



Love that it’s just a single bullet tacked on at the end. :joy:

It’s amazing to see how fast this is all progressing. I have nothing but admiration for you and the team being able to get so much done

And a custom CG? Come on now.


There’s actually 4 new custom CGs this patch, the one in the post is just the one that isn’t a spoiler given that it’s a redraw of the one we used for our FEE3 video thumbnail : )


I really don’t get the complains about Rena I have read until now, she is broken af. Maybe I just got lucky with her, but she is awesome. Not much as THE GOAt, AKA Kolbane, but almost.

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The dream is almost complete, eh?
Forgive me for waxing poetic on this, but…
I guess some dreams can come true.

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Fire Emblem - Dream of Five07

okay game

Gits and shiggles aside I’m about halfway through Act 3 on my Onduris run and I got one bug to report: Sileth’s staff animation is not playing, even with anims fully on.

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As work continues on fine-tuning what’s in the game - I’ll put up a new patch in a few days, with the usual flurry of minor adjustments - I’ve decided to make bad decisions, in the spirit of the Tumblr account we briefly set up many years ago that assured people that, for instance, Nikita could never be recruited; specifically, setting up a Retrospring account. If you have miscellaneous Do5 (or DoW) questions or headcanons or whatever, you can find me there.