[FE8] FE: Dream of Five - Definitive Edition [26 Playable Chapters, 17/16 per route]

Sorry, I meant a full release. Like, when is the game going to be completely finished? It says 28 planned but 25 finished.

26 chapters are playable counting the route split. There’s around 12-14 left to make before the full-length campaign is complete. As I’ve said a few times, I’m aiming for FEE3 2024 as a release date.


Understood. Thanks for the response!

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I have returned for my second run on the Onduris route. This time I made a mix with both early-game units and Onduris route units. Did improve compared to my previous run. Was curious about the new change for this, but I felt bad for overwriting my previous save from my first run in the Onduris route. Although it helps me improve on my playstyle and try some units that I haven’t used in my run and read any supports in the meantime.

Onduris Route Squad: Electric Boogaloo

FE Dream of Five - Renair - Onduris
Her stats are almost identical to my previous run of the Onduris route. Nothing much.

FE Dream of Five - Garath - Onduris
Garath is a good serviceable unit in the Onduris route since I had Kolbane last time. Had to take him off the team for a while to train with the other units. Used the Greatbow for great lengths.

FE Dream of Five - Tricia - Onduris
You can call me a madman, cause Tricia can be super good if you give her the Blossom Dew. Her promo gains are good and boosting up her resistance is a blessing. Quite a promotion from Transporter to lethal Dread Fighter. The only downside is waiting for her to get a support partner in the later chapters. Had my curiosity with her support with Brill and found out it was written. Guess it was worth it in the end.

FE Dream of Five - Chester - Onduris
Chester turned out really well with his RNG. Completed his A support rank with Crowe and found another written support with Conleth. Great to discover something.

FE Dream of Five - Cathale - Onduris
Cathale is an absolute tank in the Onduris route. As long as she’s not facing Magic units and avoids getting doubled by them, she can be the best choke point in your arsenal. A nice addition to have an Armor unit in the early game if I say so.

FE Dream of Five - Crowe - Onduris
Crowe is really blessed in the Onduris route.

FE Dream of Five - Cothiva - Onduris
Cothiva is finally good in my run. Having an offensive magic user is quite good for her promotion.

FE Dream of Five - Gabriel - Onduris
Gabriel has some great power in the Darkness. His interaction with his Wren support is entertaining with the charms.

FE Dream of Five - se'Mori - Onduris
se’Mori is really good if I say so. Really blessed with speed this time.

FE Dream of Five - Conleth - Onduris
Conleth (previously Chase) is really fast with his speed. His Skill can be really shaky in his joining chapter, but with some luck in getting skill and some support bonus, he can hit reliably. Found a support convo with Chester which is quite nice expanding his character with Chester.

FE Dream of Five - Kahn - Onduris
Gave Kahn a Blossom Dew in my run and slightly improved stats from the previous run in Onduris. Is quite a tank for the frontlines. Having acquired his A support with Leda during my second run this time since I already achieved an A support Kahn with Wren last run. Now all that’s left is his support with Bellona.

FE Dream of Five - Wren - Onduris
Wren is finally promoted in the Onduris route and really strong if I say so myself. With her almost cap Magic, She can one-round ka’Danos and make him believe heaven exists.

FE Dream of Five - Leda - Onduris
Dance Utility. Nothing else.

FE Dream of Five - Nikita - Onduris
Already said my response to Nikita. Except I got her an A support with Baldur.

FE Dream of Five - Brill - Onduris
Already said it previously on my first Onduris route. So no need for an explanation.

P.S. I wonder what’s the sudden increase from 56 to 62 playable characters. It sparks my curiosity in the future.

P.P.S. Wonder, which units will join the team after you complete the Musain or Onduris route after C14?


That was meeee


Damn thanks man

will update credits!


Played through the available content so far and enjoyed my time with it for the most part.
Couple points of feedback:

  • Money is very tight in both routes, you have enough to get enough basic weaponry and staves to get you through the chapters (it helps that the difficulty isn’t super ballbusting), but things like Reaver weapons are imo exceedingly expensive for the amount of money you have available.
  • Unit balance felt pretty good for the most part, seemed similar to Drums of War where every class type had their roles to perform and multiple units within a class usually set themselves apart with different stat lines. That being said Seren and Franseza felt rather underwhelming to use, even with their innate A rank support, mostly because they come with a D rank in their weapon while your early game units will probably be well into their Cs, Kolbane probably Bs. Another unit who felt pretty much outclassed was Asher, high magic and Staff Rank is nice, but starting at such a low level meant it would have taken a lot of turtling to get him to even level 10, and then with his glacial speed he still wouldn’t be able to do much combat as a bishop, and with Physic range capped at 5 I’d much rather take the 8 move unit with canto, higher base level and good speed.
  • Thieves in general don’t have much to do, with stealables being very rare. A few more red gems on enemies wouldn’t hurt, so there are a few more side objectives and more money to experiment with more spicy weapon purchases.
  • I initially went with the Onduris route, simply because I liked the portraits of the playables more, however I ended up enjoying the Musain route a bit more. Main reason would be that the plot felt more straightforward and the characters more likeable (or memorable in the villains’ case).

Looking forward to the full release!


Counterpoint: Asher crazy stats make up for this. Have him heal every turn even if it’s for 1HP + dance him up and he can be great. His defensive growth seem to be bonkers, giving him a niche as a tanky mage.


I just realized, since the devs of this hack like to collect data on unit usage, I should probably introduce the team that got me through route A, eh ?

Just a heads-up: I have a policy regarding magical units in my army.


Renamon - Virtually mediocre

That screenshot is deceptive ; she’s been stuck at 25HP and 12 Str for the longest time and got a streak of good level ups very late. I think I even gave her the HP stat booster ?

Anyway, she’s ass.
Swordlocked in a hack where you’re too broke for 1-2 swords ? Check.
Bad Str on the lowest Mt category of weapon ? Check.
Made me restart the first chapter 4 times to finally get my first Str level up ? Check.

I wouldn’t use her if she wasn’t mandatory.

Arceus - God of War

Good speed and stellar defenses ? Check.
Racist 1-2 axe ? Check.

You don’t need more in a skill-free hack. He starts above average with an insane Prf and never falls off.

Eudira - The Favored

I have no idea if she’s good or bad, nor do I care, I just field her because I feel sorry for her and want her to have friends. I’ll find her a nice support and paired ending.

Meliza - The Staff-Haver

She’s entirely redundant but you never have enough staves on your team.

Asher - Faith's Bulwark

Do you like staves ? Do you enjoy not dying ? Do you feel like occasionally searing the flesh of the infidels ?
Boy, do I have a deal for you !

Lizaveta - Ambulance

On a horse.
Are you stupid, or are you deploying her ?

Amelia - Protect her Smile

I’ll cherish you forever, my innocent, precious child.

Cothiva - Twilight

She sure is a unit who exists and is good.

Gabriel - Interloper

I like this kid’s moxie.

Jolyon - Noblesse Oblige

He’s got good bases and is a wonderful character in the story. I love him.

Blixa - Life of the Party

I upheld the time-honored tradition of grinding her to 20 on her join chapter and rigged her level-ups like crazy.

Chester - SOMEONE Has To Open Those Chests

Worse Rena.

Cyrille - Thunderous Hooves

Fast, strong, high movement, decently bulky, many weapon ranks.

Eileen - Wings of Beauty

A critical piece in the army, able to go where she is needed and dart around weak points. Rena wishes she were her.

Godbane - The Man, the Myth, the Legend

He starts stronger than Rena, outscales her at every point of the game, handles a better weapon type and dominates the battlefield. He’s my hero.

Tricia - Rising Star (best unit in my army no cap she one-shotted the final boss. Did you know she has convoy access ? I didn't, I realized that on the chapter you recruit Meliza !)

I fielded her every chapter for the sole reason she starts so bad it looped back around into being desirable - real gamers use trash units, but like, the units so bad they’re comically bad, not just disappointment to their bloodlines like Rena and Chester.
The promotion hit me like a megaton punch. Wasn’t expecting that, loved it.

I was very intrigued by who she is as a person, but unfortunately she has no dialogue and her supports are scarce and lategame. Massive disappointment in the characterization department.

She truly is the anti-Rena.


Hopefully Rena will get a massive boost to usefulness on promo for yall
she does get one of the biggest promo boosts i’ve known FE lords to get and also i spent over a month on that animation so

let’s go act 3?


I played the original I think back in 2017, was the earlygame merc replaced by the soldier?

Same name, an evolution of the same guy, different class.

Shouldn’t the supports in Musain be finished before advancing to act 3? Onduris route is completely finished, isn’t it? So Musain should be the same, I guess.

We’re capable of working on multiple parts of the game at the same time.




Sure, you do you. Just don’t burn yourselves by doing too many things at the same time.


the parts I work on (animations, graphics) and the parts parr work on (writing, hacking) are pretty separate

trust me when i say you dont want me writing any supports instead of making animations lol


Is good to know that you will be alright.

oh my god this hack is incredible, especially the writing is just amazing, i love all the characters and the story seems both grounded and really fun. On Chapter 12A atm and all the gameplay is awesome too. The main lord is just so fun to use as well.