(FE8) Fe Builder Eventing Question

In my rom hack, I made a chapter start event, which includes:

Load units. If player unit, join party.
Dialogue (conversation) with BG (macro for conversation start command) …ect.
Move the camera to Character[ 0x2 BlahBlah] and highlight them … ect.
Move (2 coords) Character (BlahBlah)
Call event [blah blah event number]
Event end

Something I found during testing was, If I pressed start and skipped dialogue during that conversation, the unit instructed to move afterward would not load. Nor would the unit instructed to move during the called event.

Is there a command line I’m missing? How do I fix this?

Scene skipping will skip over certain unit movement, making some commands become teleportation and some commands not work.

If scene-skipping (evbit 2 set) or faded in (evbit 8 set), unit load is instant and no movement is displayed.
If scene-skipping (evbit 2 set), movement is instant reguardless of the speed argument. Note that MOVEFORCED may not work properly when scene-skipping. (TODO: investigate).

You can set evbits to stop scene skipping if it was active (0x2 to false “Stop here if you were skipping events”), or prevent scene skipping altogether (0x4 to true). Please read stanh event codes for more details.

If you cannot get it to function as intended, attach report7z so we can show you an example.

Good luck!

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Many thanks for your input, Vesly.

The article you stuck in there gave me enough information to make some changes. Specifically, the Evbit section.

What I ended up doing, was plugging in this as the very first line of the event:

Disallows scene skipping, But allows dialogue skipping and dialogue fast-forwarding(EVBIT_MODIFY 3)

Then, I put this as the very last line, just before “Event end”:

Stop here if you’re skipping events(EVBIT_F_2)

Having tried testing with either one, they didn’t work. But together, the event now functions as it should.

I thank you again for the heads up about these, “EVBITS,” which coincidentally sound like the name for some consumable item in FE.

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