[FE8] Ephraim's WICKED character slot

After the Interlude, Ephraim “0xF” character slot becomes a bit weird.
I suppose it’s due to some ASM happening in the interlude which isn’t compatible with the Lord-Shift hack that @CT075 once made for me, but what happens is that Ephraim isn’t affected by any ASMs anymore. Basically its character data is at the bottom of the list and bypasses the checks of most hacks.
These include the aforementioned Cam’s Lord-Shift hack.


  • Most hacks don’t work on that character slot
  • Status screen shows Gilliam by default
  • Autocursor doesn’t point to Ephraim


  • @Venno’s solution was to write 21 E0 at 0x3325A but, even if it works like a charm in Eirika mode, it doesn’t at all in Ephraim’s mode (where the autocursor is fixed and follows Ephraim, but the status screen isn’t and still displays Gilliam).
  • I tried to DISA Ephraim and make him reappear, and this seemed to fix the problem because he was loaded in another place in memory (that was covered by all the hacks), but he lost his ability to use the Supply command (which is then probably tied to that particular spot he had).
  • My original plan was to copy Ephraim’s data to another character slot, DISA him (her, in my case, but w/e) make him reappear and copy back the data to him. It all worked like a charm thanks to @Brendor’s character changer hack, but as I said he lost his ability to use the Supply command.


I’ve no fucking idea.
I’ve had this problem for 2 years now.


Well if it’s that serious, you could just edit $F’s RAM stats and set up a small routine to change the portrait value after chapter 8

I’m pretty sure it’s the lord changer hack, which which writes to the same area as Venno’s hack and also messes with the mode byte. Are you sure you need it?

I need it for chapter 8 mainly, since Hellios has to be the lord character there but he isn’t deployed.
Chapter 5x isn’t a problem with Venno’s hack.
How would I reverse the effects of the hack at this point anyway?

If you reapply the patch it should undo itself. Then you just remove the ASMC calls and apply Venno’s fix. Not sure how to handle Ch 8, though your other problems should go away.

Quick question: who is the main lord during the interlude (specifically the moment the paths split)?

It’s Faratrass. She becomes the lord again immediately after the boss gets defeated in ch.8.

And her character slot is 0x1, isn’t it. Never mind then. In that case I think you should try removing the patch and figuring out a workaround for Ch8.

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What do you think of this solution, @CT075?

honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if it was my fault

I think I know how to fix the problem with the autocursor/status screen routines I gave you, but I won’t have time to do it until after November. If someone else has a better idea, by all means please implement it.