[FE8] Editing Myrrh's Palette

Myrrh has historically been a pain to palette, due to her animation being made up of several little animations. Here’s how I managed to edit it.


  • FEditor
  • Hex Editor
  • Knowledge of how to edit Uncompressed Palettes
  • Nintenlord’s Compressor

Firstly, open up FEditor and go to Myrrh’s animations. There should be four in total:

  • Dragon Animation at C4
  • Transforming Animation at C5
  • Untransforming Animation at C6
  • Girl Animation at C7

We will be editing the Generic Palette for Myrrh, so this will not work for multiple Manakettes! If you wish to have multiple Manakettes, you will need to get one of those fancy animations that someone’s made.

Now, go to Girl Animation and make note of the name of the animation.

Open up your game in your Hex Editor and search for that name in the text part.

Just before the start of the next Animation’s name, there is a pointer to the Generic Palette of the animation. (It is highlighted in Green here)

If you follow that pointer (0xE45ED4 in our case), you will be lead to the compressed Palette. It starts with 10 80, and is 38 Bytes long for the Dragon/Girl animation, and 58 Bytes long for the Transforming and Untransforming Animation.


Now, make a .dmp file in your Hex Editor with the compressed palette in it, and a blank .dmp file.

You’re going to need to decompress the palette into the blank .dmp file, which you can do via NL’s Compressor.

Just do the same settings as I did, and it should work fine.

Now you are left with the raw-uncompressed palette. This is the same palette format as if you opened up Palette viewer in VBA. 2 Rows corresponds to one palette.

In Dragon and Girl mode, the first two rows are for the Player’s palette, the second two rows are for the Enemy, next two are NPC and the final two are Purple Allegence. You can edit this with whatever you prefer. (I use SNES palette editor personally.)

The Transforming/Untransforming palettes are slightly different though. Due to the palette changing midway through the animation, the Palette is formatted as so:

  • Girl Palette (2 rows)
  • Dragon Palette (2 rows)
  • Girl Palette (2 rows)
  • Dragon Palette (2 rows)

To make the animation look good, make sure they are the same as what you did for the normal palettes.

Now, you must compress the palettes again. IE do the exact opposite of what you did.


With any luck, the Compressed Palette will be the same length as what you started out with (38 or 58). Now all you will have to do is overwrite the original compressed palette, and it will work out perfectly!

What a grand result!