FE8 double staff EXP?

One thing I’ve noticed is that if you edit FE7 with FEditor it automatically applies a hack that doubles the amount of EXP given by using a staff. As for FE8 it seems that patch isn’t applied, and given that staff EXP in GBAFE is set by the cost of the staff itself (IS strikes again!), I’m wondering if there’s already been a patch around that does the same thing for FE8.

There’s no patch that I know of, but if you open up FE8 in a hex editor and go to 2C676 there’s a value for base staff EXP that you can change to your liking. IIRC price is only one factor in staff EXP; it’s really more like Base EXP + The price component, divided by 2 (?) if promoted.


okay, I edited the value at 2C676 from 0A to 14 and it worked like a charm. Thanks!