[FE8] Decrypting the Tower/Ruins Bonus Character Rewards[Solved]

I’m curious as to whether anyone has ever attempted to figure out how the bonus characters work in FE8. I’d especially like to know if the methods for obtaining them are evented or ASM’d. I’m thinking of adding more to the existing roster, but also want to edit the current routines to make some of the more annoying characters (Like Lyon) a bit less grindy to obtain.

So yeah, simple question. Anyone ever done this or have an idea of the level of difficulty? Also, what if we could find a routine and copy it (Like the routine that gives you Lyon) and then simply paste it back in and add a second character? So basically, instead of just getting Lyon, the player would obtain Lyon and Orson at the same time.

Are there nightmare modules for this stuff that I can use as a starting point? Or should I just boot up a save and break on write to the character array?

The Module Unknown6 in FE8’s chapter unit editor folder contains, among other things, data for all of the creature campaign units.

Wouldn’t unlocking each character just be
check if game has been completed
add a count after every tower/ruins completion
if the count = 1 or 3, unlock those characters

aka it wouldn’t need asm, just an event condition

If it’s an event condition, that would be amazing. I’m not sure how events work in the tower/ruins because FE8 Eventing is so fragmented but if I could figure it out, I could do a lot with it.

Have a skype chat dump.

[12:44:36 PM] Klokinator: yeah so I can't check the events
[12:44:43 PM] Dancer A: well you can
[12:44:48 PM] Dancer A: just not with that program
[12:44:52 PM] Klokinator: o-oh
[12:44:52 PM] Dancer A: you have to do it manually
[12:44:55 PM] Klokinator: fml
[12:44:58 PM] Dancer A: uh...
[12:45:10 PM] Klokinator: don't tell me: using a hex editor
[12:45:11 PM] Dancer A: it's just open ea and use disassemble instead of assemble
[12:45:14 PM] Klokinator: oh?
[12:45:25 PM] Dancer A: yeah
[12:45:29 PM] Dancer A: just add the offset
[12:45:34 PM] Dancer A: which you can find in nightmare
[12:45:37 PM] Klokinator: alright now I gotta find the offset
[12:45:49 PM] Dancer A: iirc fe8 is labelled terribly
[12:45:56 PM] Klokinator: so Aex's thing doesn't grab the tower/ruins automatically
[12:46:00 PM] Klokinator: you have to do it manually?
[12:46:06 PM] Dancer A: */ fe8's nmmods
[12:46:16 PM] Dancer A: idk why it doesn't
[12:46:28 PM] Dancer A: it calls the lords split chapter but not tower/valni
[12:47:23 PM] Klokinator: heyoooo http://gyazo.com/a5583fef31cdf32c6248e9222797b072
[12:47:40 PM] Dancer A: see
[12:47:50 PM] Dancer A: it's just odd that it doesn't rip them
[12:48:05 PM] Dancer A: I must have never noticed before
[12:48:59 PM] Klokinator: wat http://puu.sh/g1iXi/8d71dfd050.txt
[12:49:03 PM] Klokinator: its that easy 4 srs
[12:49:08 PM] Klokinator: but ugh manual ripping ok
[12:54:27 PM] Klokinator: http://puu.sh/g1j7T/9a1e052456.txt
[12:54:30 PM] Klokinator: here's valni 3
[12:55:36 PM] Klokinator: I'll paste valni 4 in a sec
[12:55:39 PM] Dancer A: what happens on valni 3/4
[12:55:43 PM] Dancer A: calleach shows up?
[12:55:44 PM] Klokinator: you get Caellach
[12:55:50 PM] Dancer A: what's his char ID
[12:56:03 PM] Klokinator: 0x29
[12:56:20 PM] Klokinator: Here's valni 4 http://puu.sh/g1jzr/30e26070de.txt
[12:56:24 PM] Dancer A: _LOAD_WHATEVER 0x1
[12:56:27 PM] Dancer A: wow much specific
[12:56:30 PM] Klokinator: assuming you get him after beating three at valni 4 start
[12:57:02 PM] Klokinator: 
ORG $9EE184
_0x0229 0xFFFF
ENIF 0x0
[12:57:08 PM] Klokinator: this is in valni 3
[12:57:35 PM] Dancer A: because it only checks if you beat valni 3
[12:57:40 PM] Klokinator: http://puu.sh/g1j7T/9a1e052456.txt
here's valni 3
[12:57:55 PM] Klokinator: _0x0229 0xFFFF this has a 29 in it
[12:58:00 PM] Klokinator: could this be...?
[12:58:04 PM] Dancer A: which makes me think there's some weird alternative thing it calls every possible chapter after tower 3
[12:58:14 PM] Dancer A: to add calleach to your group
[12:58:23 PM] Klokinator: oh hm
[12:58:28 PM] Dancer A: like it would be in...
[12:58:33 PM] Dancer A: valni 1/4
[12:58:40 PM] Dancer A: and every single skirmish map
[12:58:43 PM] Dancer A: as well as lagdou 1
[12:58:50 PM] Dancer A: (at the very least)
[12:58:51 PM] Klokinator: well uh
[12:58:56 PM | Edited 1:00:01 PM] Klokinator: when you get caellach
[12:59:00 PM] Klokinator: he joins you on valni 4
[12:59:01 PM] Klokinator: iirc
[12:59:10 PM] Dancer A: no
[12:59:15 PM] Klokinator: you unlock him on 3 and he joins you the very next chapter
[12:59:18 PM] Dancer A: it's just whenever you finish the chapter they unlock
[12:59:23 PM] Klokinator: correct me if wrong... it's been multiple years
[12:59:27 PM] Dancer A: they show up whenever you start the next chapter
[12:59:31 PM | Edited 12:59:32 PM] Dancer A: despite where it is
[12:59:32 PM] Klokinator: ya
[12:59:44 PM] Klokinator: so that means if there is a call event, it'd be in every chapter
[12:59:52 PM] Klokinator: including all tower/ruins chapters
[1:00:00 PM] Dancer A: almost all of them yes
[1:00:04 PM] Dancer A: which would be very dumb
[1:00:15 PM] Klokinator: which makes me think that's not a thing
[1:00:20 PM] Dancer A: maybe not
[1:00:37 PM] Dancer A: but i'd what is going on at the end of valni 3
[1:00:52 PM] Dancer A: EndingScene:
_SETVAL 0x2 0x75
_SETVAL 0x3 0x24
CALL label23
I'm suspecting it has to do with this
[1:00:56 PM] Dancer A: 0x75 is a perma ID
[1:01:19 PM] Dancer A: possibly checking if the game was beaten?
[1:01:26 PM] Klokinator: hmmm maybe
[1:01:31 PM] Klokinator: that would make sense
[1:01:34 PM] Dancer A: 
_0x0321 0xFFFF
_SETCONDITION2 0x0 0xC 0x0
ASMC 0x85C65
_0x0620 0x32
ASMC 0x37D59
[1:01:38 PM] Dancer A: welp I see asmc
[1:01:51 PM] Dancer A: might be asm
[1:02:34 PM] Klokinator: well that's not so bad
[1:02:40 PM] Klokinator: I'll post what we found in the thread

I’m on it

Edit: Looks /really/ complicated and is probably not responsible.
Edit2: Maybe responsible for seeing if you can continue further into the tower.

It’s this at the end of Valni 3 that unlocks Caellach:

SETVAL 0x2 0x67
CALL label21

IFNOTEQUAL 0x0 0xC 0x0
ENIF 0x0

Where Permanent Event ID 0x67 is getting turned on.

So in this case, that Permanent event ID is what activates Caellach? Which means they probably used the same system for all the characters (But using different perm event ID’s), it’s just the ASM condition that’s different each time.

Yeah, check out the ending events of Valni 6 and 8, they do the same thing.

The ending events for all the valni chapters just set their parameters and then call shared ending events as needed.

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