FE8 Custom PME


Yes they are. Just send me music and I’ll insert it. I’ll add in a link to the original post to specify what people can edit. Here it is. Anything goes for this PME, so music is fine.


Are you looking for maps for future chapters yet? If so, then I’ll whip something up


That’s fine.


Can I have Dark Emperor in the game pls


Sorry for taking so long but stuff you know


Where can I find the track and what should it replace?


lemme find it real quick


I found a game rip on Serenes Forrest but its not in midi format but i can transfer it to it if you want
heres the link if needed

It should replace the enemy phase theme


Okay, I’ll insert it once I get the midi file.


your welcome


How should i send it?


Just post it in the thread.