FE8 Custom Items WIP -- More Healing Items!

Yeah it’s true. Since I’ve been dabbling in item hacking for FE7(Arms Scroll, Knight Ring, Juna Fruit), I figured I’d look into FE8 items and I made some head way.

Blazer made a topic on custom items for FE7 with a lot of info and documentation and fortunately, a lot of that information is applicable to FE8 items. So far, I’ve only found the bare basic tables, but luckily that’s enough for most items; those tables are the condition table and the effect table. As their names suggest, the condition table is a table of pointers to routines that are run to see if the item can be used and the effect table has pointer to the routines that actually do stuff

0x288B0 is the start of the item condition table (starts with item 0x4B and goes to 0xB7?) and 0x2FC90 is the start of the effect table(same length as the condition table)

Obviously, since I’m still doing research, my documentation is far from complete but I managed to get multiple healing items to work.

Have a video demonstration.

Here’s some source, I’ll put up a .dmp later. Now all 3 of the FE8 hackers can finally have more than two healing items :smiley: