[FE8] [Completed] The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance

How is one supposed to defeat the demon king with all of his skills? Even with the sacred relics, I’m doing ten or less damage. That’s even if my unit survives vantage+.

As soon as the character visiting the house finishes reading the text and goes back to the map, keep the “up” key pressed. Then a dialogue box with the text “…” will show up, ondocating that it’s time to press the next key of the sequence, which is also up. Do the same for the rest of the konami code sequence and a cutscene will happen. If you fail at any moment, the character’s movement will end and they will be greyed out.

There are some strategies you can employ:

  1. Upgrading a sacred weapon with a Magvelian Ore in Lagdou Ruins 1 will make them effective against the DK.
  2. The triangle attack is still a guaranteed critical hit.
  3. The Luna tome ignores DK’s resisatnce.
  4. Pre-battle skills, such as rally skills and drive skills, or even Jake’ personal skill are not negated by Nihil.
  5. Myrrh’s dragonstone is effective against him.

Thanks for the info! Do you have an ETA on when that’ll be finished?
Also, is there a way to check which version of the patch I currently have? I’m pretty sure I’m pre-2.0, but still.
Thanks again!

I’ve ran into another bug in chapter 9: Distant Blade
I Restarted and Skipping the cutscene jumping right into the Preparation screen seem to have fix it for me

Where do you get surveying kits?

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I randomly realized… there is a Leadership Star slot in stats, but I have never seen any character / enemy actually have any Leaderahip Stars.

Am I just not noticing them, or did this go un- implemented?

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The king is back! God I’ve missed it!

By the way Blood, it seems Red Bean just cooked up new animations for Marisa and thought you could add them into the next version since they look stunningly good.

Feeling happy about the return of Mjolnir so I’ll probably do an updated tier list soon (may do one without accounting skill scrolls and one with skill scrolls)


I like this i hope i added next patch or update or remodel hehe

so i assume this isn’t intended to happen.


The spirit of the axe has escaped!

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Found a probably unintended issue
Sacred Trilogy 2.1 Full Version.emulator-0
Eckesachs can be sold by accident

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Eckesachs has never been so devalued to only be worth 500 gold lol

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It’s a bug that leaves some item completely random with this amount of use. Blood must have already said that he doesn’t know how this bug keeps appearing

I would also like to know this. How do we get Surveying kits for Anna?

Also, what is considered a “heavy creature?” Want to know what Garm is effective against.

Lagdou Floor 5 drops one, if you want more per run you should try finding a secret shop on the upper floors

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Looks like it’s everything that an armorslayer kills, plus large monsters like baels, cyclopses, and dragons.

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Is there a way for units with 6 skills to use skill scrolls and overwrite old skills? Whenever I use a scroll with a unit who already has 6, it tells me skill learned but it doesn’t actually learn it.

You have to use them on the map and never on the preparation menu
Sacred Trilogy 2.1 Full Version.emulator-1


I said I would do it and here it is
For disclaimer I would like to say this is my opinion and this tier list is accounting a few things

  • This tier list does not account for skill scroll usage, might do another tier list taking that into acount

  • This tier list is taking into account both the best possible class with the best skills they can get from it, their personal skill and all the available S rank weapons they can use in those classes

Tier List

Poor Jake, he got brute forced
onto the tier list

As post edit choice Ewan should be on A tier

Feel free to give your opinions or ask why someone is at a specific tier

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