[FE8] [Completed] **MASSIVE NEW UPDATE** The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance

That’s what you would think, but Ephraim’s defense cap sits at 23, only one point higher than Eirika’s 22 defense cap.
Ephraim’s stat caps are somehow quite bad, not even reaching 28 for a single stat.

Maybe put his SPD and DEF caps on 26? That way he has decent defense and doesn’t get doubled by everything.

EDIT: Maybe put STR at 28, since he’s meant to be the physically strongest of the twins?

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My dude, we’re all chomping at the bit for this, but don’t burn yourself out for this, we also wanna see you doing future hacks here.


I got a question. What was updated since the last time I downloaded the ROM a few months ago?

Nothing yet. The modifications I made are only in the beta patches some posts above. I think I will have an update ready by the weekend though.

Ok, so this is the actual first update then?

Yes. The most notable changes will be:

  • Latest version of the skill system, which allows for…
  • Skill scrolls, to be obtained throughout the game
  • One optional paralogue
  • A recruitable fan favorite merchant

Oooh… Noice. Might actually restart my run just because of it…

Side note here… Have you seen @Vesly new set of skills that they developed? It has some nice ones for future projects. Also, please tell me the bugs with Skybreaker and Vengeance are fixed. Will this update also include stuff mentioned here previously like balance and skill changes, character overhauls, Valter/Caellach being moving bosses, etc?

Lemme guess, Anna?

Note that he never said which weekend.

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I was testing it today :frowning:

Do you guys want what I currently have? It’s largely complete, but there are some things missing. Plus, I would really like feedback on the new chapter.


On one hand I’d love to… Like a lot. But if a little more time means a more polished thing with everything in place then that’s fine too


Ya know what, give it to us, anything missing we’ll tell ya. xD

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If you need feedback i’m glad to provide it. I’m intrigued to see what changes have been made and and if by seeing them I can also provide help while doing so all the better.

You could keep the current version and add a link to the test build that way those who want to try it out can and whoever wants the older one can still get it

Fine. Here it is.

This version contains the entire base game minus the Lagdou Ruins. I want to make the enemies in that area randomized in order to increase replayability, so it will take some more time. The new chapter happens after chapter 19. I wanted to make it optional, but I couldn’t because it would mess up the damn world map events, so it is mandatory. Some other things worth mentioning:

  • The data structure of the hack likely won’t change, so saves from this version will be compatible with the next full release.
  • The Sacred weapons have been overhauled. I really enjoyed the suggestions made by @ReturnOfTheBlackKnight and @jackofblades1991 and incorporated the effectiveness they described. This means that the weapons have stricter effectiveness now in comparison with vanilla, however, this brings us to the next point:
  • There is a new rare item called Magvelian Ore. With this, it is possible to make the sacred weapons unbreakable. There are 9 to be collected throughout the game, one for each weapon. The Latona staff is still the same as vanilla and cannot be made unbreakable without some heavy nerfing or completely trivializing enemy phase. Bring the Magvelian Ores and the Sacred weapons to the blacksmith on Lagdou Ruins 1 in order to make them unbreakable. I will run a poll regarding all of these changes to the sacred weapons and see what people think about them in the future. AKA, they can still be reverted.
  • Fixed Growth mode is toggeable during the prologue
  • The full version will only be ready after Lagdou Ruins is, otherwise I would have to manage two different versions of the hack.
  • Please send feedback regarding the new chapter. I’ve tested most of it, but I want to know what players think of the difficulty. Also, writing dialogue as a non-native speaker is haaaaaard and there most likely will be some grammar errors.
  • The EXP formula is back to vanilla, however, the yield is slightly decreased in order to avoid overleveling due to the increased levels of the enemies.

I’ve prepared a mini-guide with the locations of the Magvelian Ores and the skill scrolls. It’s under the spoiler tab.

New item locations


  • Clear the prologue without letting Seth battle to receive a Magvelian Ore

Chapter 3

  • Loot rightmost chest for a Nature Rush scroll

Chapter 5

  • Visit southwestern village to receive a Miracle scroll

Chapter 6

  • Wait a turn on the southeastern plain tile to get a Magvelian Ore

Chapter 8

  • Defeat the thief to receive a Discipline scroll

Eirika Chapter 10

  • Talk to Anna with Eirika and keep her alive to receive a Watchful scroll and a Parchment item

Eirika Chapter 12

  • Visit the northern house to get a Poison Strike scroll

Eirika Chapter 13

  • Steal a Vantage scroll from the ranger
  • Defeat Pablo to get a Magvelian Ore

Eirika Chapter 14

  • Defeat the western knight to get a Shove scroll

Ephraim Chapter 9

  • Talk to Anna with Ephraim and keep her alive to receive a Watchful scroll and a Parchment item

Ephraim Chapter 10

  • Defeat Beran to get a Magvelian Ore

Ephraim Chapter 12

  • Visit the rightmost village to receive a Poison Strike scroll

Ephraim Chapter 13

  • Steal a Vantage scroll from the Sniper

Ephraim Chapter 14

  • Defeat the knight to the northeast to get a Shove scroll

Chapter 15

  • Clear the chapter in 12 turns or less to receive a Magvelian Ore
  • There’s a Resolve scroll buried in the northeastern section of the map

Chapter 16

  • Loot the western chest for an Imbue scroll

Chapter 17

  • Keep all villagers alive to receive a Bond scroll

Chapter 19

  • Loot southeastern chest for a Paragon scroll
  • Steal a Smite scroll from the warrior
  • Keep all NPC’s alive to receive a Slayer scroll
  • Defeat Riev to get a Magvelian Ore

Chapter 19x

  • Talk to Anna with your main lord while carrying the Parchment to recruit her
  • Talk to Jake with Anna to receive the Opulary
  • Visit the northern village to receive a Blue Flame scroll
  • Defeat the first boss to get a Fury scroll
  • Keep all NPC’s alive AND visit all villages to receive a Nihil scroll

Chapter 20

  • Defeat the gorgon boss to get a Petrify scroll

Chapter 21

  • Loot the southeastern chest for a Renewal scroll

Chapter 21x

  • Defeat the Demon King for a Magvelian Ore

Tower of Valni 1

  • Clear for the first time to receive a Rally Luck scroll

Tower of Valni 2

  • Clear for the first time to receive an Armor March scroll

Tower of Valni 3

  • Clear for the first time to receive a Rally Skill and a Rally Speed scrolls

Tower of Valni 4

  • Clear for the first time to receive a Rally Defense and a Rally Resistance scrolls

Tower of Valni 5

  • Clear for the first time to receive a Desperation scroll

Tower of Valni 6

  • Clear for the first time to receive Rally Strength, Rally Magic and Rally Movement scrolls

Tower of Valni 7

  • Clear for the first time to receive a Boon scroll

Tower of Valni 8

  • Clear for the first time to receive either a Lumina or a Shadowgift scroll
  • You will also receive a Magvelian Ore

Lagdou Ruins 1

  • Visit the smithy with Anna and you will be prompted to buy a Magvelian Ore for 5.000 gold.

I guess that’s it for now. I’ll keep working on the Ruins and try to release the full update as soon as possible.


Oh Christmas is here. Side note, does this update not have any character overhauls or is that still yet to come?

Oh sh… Eirika has legendary tomes with her during the prologue :X
Gimme some time to update the patch


Hum…the dropbox link is deleted. xD

Should be fixed now.

Yes, Myrrh was overhauled. Her dragonstones are back to having a durability, but each one has some type of effectiveness. With all three, she will be dealing massive damage to almost anything. She should get more EXP now as well.

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