[FE8] [Completed] **MASSIVE NEW UPDATE** The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance

So i found this on the forum…this would be a nice set of skills to add to either the cast, or as enemy-only skills as a way to scale up late-game difficulty. Either way, this seems like a new set of toys that would add some interesting options.

Garcia unique class ?
To be fair Garcia is quite in a unique spot due to his status as a possible Hero, Warrior or Berserker, being the latter his strongest choice because of his personal skill just complementing his kit. What hinders him? His base class skills, mainly barricade just losing its value due to the unlikelyness of Garcia getting doubled in any class other than Warrior (which to be fair is one of his base promotions)

His saving grace, Colossus, elevating Garcia to great endgame potential being essentially a better Lethality (Idk who thought triple STR should be skill%). I’m calling it out that when skill system comes around. Garcia will be made into a beast (We have confirmed Axefaith and Resolve scrolls so Garcia cannot possible have any weakness if you give him that)

This is probably stretching it but how about doing the same for the Postgame S rank weapons, you could make them like the skill scrolls you get there, obtainable only once with a floor clear
This idea was made just from the idea of only having one “legendary” S rank weapon, because stocking S rank weapons somehow felt at some point like you could just hoard them, and give one to everyone. S rank weapons should feel unique and should make you feel like you need to decide who gets the special weapon.
I haven’t thought of any idea to balance them out like JackofBlades or ReturnOfTheBlackKNight so i’m up for ideas

Edit2: I feel like Mjolnir was tailor made for Lute, fight me if you think otherwise

Honestly i’d say Warrior is superior to Berserker in Garcia’s case. Counter is a nice compliment to Barricade and Colossus doesn’t compliement Berserker, as it more becomes redundant in the face of the higher crit chance the class gets from Wrath and Crit+, which given their 30 STR cap will usually kill most things anyway with regular crits. And as Warrior you still get a 30 STR cap meaning Colossus will deal the same damage. So you get a unit with high capabilities in both offense and defense, rather than a full glass cannon. And then there’s access to bows, which is a minor boon, but still there if you want to fight in a ranged positio without having to deal with WT, which is also aided the damage Counter provides.

There’s no need for unique class. Just buffing his growths a bit will be fair enough. Giving 25 defense growth to a buff and muscular character is… plain bad. He’s not a mage or anything.

It’s very likely to get Garcia doubled. I ain’t joking with that 20% speed growth. Even Gilliam being a knight has 10% higher speed growth than Garcia. He can get speed screwed so bad, I don’t wanna tell. And a time may come you will be relying upon either Colossus or Crit from supports. I benched my Garcia in previous playthrough at Level 16 because his speed was stuck at 8. In my current run, I literally didn’t use him from the beginning.

As for the axe faith… It’ll make Garcia somewhat good with Garm. But his defense will hurt him a lot. Even barricade won’t solve it.

Honestly, 9 unbreakable legendary weapons would be enough. Those post-game weapons have no relation with the lore. I think a stronger and breakable legendary weapon would be good. For example, you can use it when you need more damage and each of them will be effective against all monsters with higher mt.

I didn’t promote Garcia so can’t say much. But I agree that +15 crit is redundant when he already have Colossus skill. Still his defense and speed sucks and I mean it.

That’s kinda the point…Garcia already has decent defensive capabilities with his high HP and Barricade and he’s not meant to be a doubling unit, given his access to Colossus and high STR gains. Also pretty sure Blood’s never changed a single growth rate on any unit, only bases. Maybe a minor DEF buff, but i don’t think he needs SPD.

If anything, Ross needs buffs a heck of alot more than Garcia across the board.

EDIT: Also Warrior gives Frenzy (for some oddball reason, as it fits Berserkers better) which fits in with Garcia’s Fiery Blood. Warrior overall has multiple synergistic skills with Garcia’s base kit. At this stage i think Pirate, Berserker and Warrior could do with some skill changes to better fit their themes.

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My Garcia might have been quite RNG blessed, so much that I forgot about his growths…

PD: Only gave boots and a single body ring and the goddess Icons

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HP means nothing if you can’t dodge and you can’t tank. Barricade can only reduce the problem of him not getting doubled. I don’t want to make him a swordsmaster but even 35 speed growth might be enough, you know. Just so people don’t get screwed over.

If I really wanted pure offense then Mages are good at it and fast too. Unlike Garcia they can actually dodge and double but maybe it’s a matter of opinion.

That’s a super RNG blessed Garcia. I wish he was like this in my playthrough because I liked using the Father-Son combo.

This one screenshot perfectly describes the controversy. Is it just me or Garcia doesn’t look that old ?

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Are any of the legacy versions available? I want to try Kyle as Roy.

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That’s the point, Garcia isn’t technically meant to be a pure offense character, he’s meant to be a hybrid bruiser. And 35% growth isn’t that bad… It’s inconsistent for sure, but you can get decent level up streaks off of it. Ross is what the pure offense should be, but given how skewed his growths are, how poor his bases are and how much weaker his personal skill is compared to his dad, he’s always gonna struggle to overcome Garcia, even with 10 extra levels of growth.

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Did his growths get reduced or something ? Never checked his vanilla growths but he still stood out pretty well in my playthrough. He was just a bit low on defense and skill but other than that pretty good.

Yeah, his skill is kinda underwhelming.


Sounds crazy but I guess ‘Swordbreaker’ suits his personality. But maybe he will become too broken.

Ross? He actually got his SPD growth increased… In the Japanese version he had a 25% growth in that Stat… In the localization it was bumped to 30%.

I’d still argue towards giving him Heavy Strikes… Would be a much better fit as for what should be a major growth unit over a established pre-promote

Edit: if push comes to shove maybe give him Aptitude, all though I dislike it because it becomes a dud once you cap out your core stats and with the skills this game has, plus ease of booster shopping, plus the difficulty of post game, he’ll still be behind the curve

As far as I know, there’s no link to legacy versions. But maybe Blood can provide it.

Ladies and gents we have lift off. But seriously the work here seems like an awesome addition to the hack’s use of skills and alot of future hacks. Also let me say Spectrum Initiative…need i say more?

Honestly I’d be more interested for a spectrum taker, of all things. but Yeah more skills to work with is always better

A player phase Spectrum Stance would also be nice, but i’ll take what i can get.

Side note i just thought of: How about giving Valter a unique personal weapon, based on the cursed lance of Duessel’s family? Dunno about effects or stats yet, but it seems like a relevant story point to Valter’s character that should be highlighted more no?

Wasn’t there a counterpart of gungnir that was basically a cursed prototype? (idk i’m getting mythology and Fate mixed up) bc that could work as valter’s prf

Edit: wait, i’m dumb, wrong hackrom lmao

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I mean a simple name like the Gae Bolg would be a cool enough reference… Spear isn’t exactly cursed, but it has some nasty tricks it can do, which is more than enough to convey “dangerous”.

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Thing is, “cursed” is kind of too vague of a phrase to build a weapon around since “cursed” can mean so many things. Possible identifiers for cursed include but are not limited to.

  1. Skill: life or death, being +10 might -10 defense can work as cursed.
  2. Devil effect, kinda pointless but is the generic “cursed” weapon effect.
  3. Nosferatu Effect, blood drinking weapons are considered cursed.
  4. God aweful hit, self explainitory.
  5. Being effective against all units that aren’t monster units, too broken to be allowed.
  6. Poison coated but that poison inflicts sleep/silence/stone.
    7.inflicts multiple “seal” effects on hit namely seal speed, defense and strength/magic.

I could go on, but those are the big ones I can immeadiately rattle off.

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A fury skill would also be a nice fit, since the idea of this particular curse seems to be raw power gained at the cost of lost sanity and heightened bloodlust so I’m thinking:

  • A buffed Fury… Like a +4 to everything.
  • Decently high might, around 10.
  • Decently high weight around 13 or so, just so he has to invest to get doubles online.
  • 1-2 range
  • Either a high number of uses, or straight up unbreakable.
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All the above ideas are pretty good. Here’s my idea :-
Reaperastra (Any better name you might think ? Go ahead) : Mt : 19, Hit : 70, Crit : 10, Wt 11, Range 1-3, Uses : – (Will always do 16 damage regardless of Valter’s strength. Nosferatu effect and inflicts 10 damage to user after every battle. -15 luck.)

Description : A spear which acts on the scent of blood. Reaps the prey and the predator. (Would be good if weapon’s stats were invisible.)

My ideas are based upon Sacred Stones Redux (Gungir), Code of Black Knight (Hades) and Order of Crimson Arm (Belial).

Side Note : Does Valter move ? Because I think he should move. Maybe he should appear after Caellach is defeated to act as the main boss for map.

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