[FE8] [COMPLETE] Myrm Emblem v1.0

It says that you do not currently have a portrait for Deen from Echoes, have you tried asking the person making the remake of Echoes in the gba engine I’d they can lend you there’s?

Sorry for bad english

While it is true that I’m still lacking a Dean portrait, the Sacred Echoes portraits aren’t free to use, and to my knowledge, they won’t be until the full hack is released, so I cannot ask the creator to use their portraits.

Oh, sorry I didn’t realize that. Thanks for telling me

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Vivement le lien de téléchargement

I will post a download patch link once I feel like the game is ready to be released.

(Google Translate): Je publierai un lien de téléchargement du correctif une fois que j’aurai l’impression que le jeu est prêt à sortir.

Hey everyone.

After a long time, I finally have an update post for the hack :+1: (honestly I’m pretty awful at making these lol), and here’s what I’ve been working on for the past few months:


Myrm Emblem_01 Myrm Emblem_02
The music for the hack has been fully implemented, and it comes from a variety of games, both from the Fire Emblem franchise and even other game franchises like Castlevania and the Kaga Sagas, along with community contributions from members like Pandan and MrGreen3339.


Myrm Emblem_04 Myrm Emblem_08
A lot of new portraits have been added, such as the Lon’qu portrait made by Atey and VelvetKitsune or the Troude portrait made by Sterling Glovner .
Myrm Emblem_05 Myrm Emblem_06
In some cases, I had to get a little creative and just recolor and/or edit some portraits that are completely unrelated to the character they are supposed to be lol. These may be just placeholders or stay in the final game, but only time will tell :sunglasses:

(The credits for the portraits, music and other assets will be fully updated once I release the hack).

Game Mechanics

Myrm Emblem_07
The modular minimug box has been added! Hopefully this’ll be very convenient to the players.

Supports have also been adjusted, now the boosts affinities give are more similar to how they work in FE10 or even in other romhacks such as KrashBoomBang’s Fire Emblem: The Four Kings. Supports also build up faster, though there’s no conversations implemented or planned lol, sorry for those looking forward to the support conversations.

Another thing that has been added is that character will now teleport their items to the convoy when they die. There will be a house in chapter 3 that explains a bit more in dept in how this works, as implementing this did cause a small… funny side effect :sweat_smile:


Every single chapter is now (hopefully) fully functional and working properly! Most chapters also have stuff like character conversations, so pay attention to those!
That said, I’ll be providing a document that cointains every secret event and conversation that each chapter might have once I release the hack.

With all of this said, I’m happy to announce that the game’s beta testing has now started, and hopefully It’ll take me less time to release than it took me to make this update post :sweat_smile:

That’s all for today!


The project’s looking great, glad to see you’ve been working on it. Keep it up :v:

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i love it. have fun and let your loving ideas and dreams seep into the coding of the patch i look forward to

How the project is going???


Hey everyone.

Development has been going quite well, some of my playtesters have already completed the hack and I’m currently implementing the feedback they provided, maybe I’ll be able to release the hack later this year? Who knows :sunglasses:

The project has also been submitted to FEE3 2021, so stay tuned for that!

And might as well share some screenshots while I’m at it, right?

Myrm Emblem Playtest_01 Myrm Emblem Playtest_02 Myrm Emblem Playtest_03 Myrm Emblem Playtest_04 Myrm Emblem Playtest_05

That’s it for now!


Thank God, I hate enemies with status staves :’)

Oh shit, it’s Friz. I loved that guy.

Can’t wait to be on the edge with Sword Users!

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This looks really promising, myrmidons are always fun to use

how do i download

There’s no patch yet.

Yes, I did it, 6 months later

sorry about the wait : D


Who’s the cast so far?





(Three Houses)

I dunno if you would consider Jaffar and Petra, since they’re widely regarded as Assassin class, hence the (?).

I think literally everyone who was ever a myrm (or myrm-like, for those Kaga games) in any Fire Emblem is here.

Yeah it literally says so in the OP lol

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I am the bone of my killing edge
Glass is my body and fire is my blood
I have crit over a thousand generics
Unknown to Death,
Nor known to Life.
Have withstood pain to dodge many weapons
Yet, those hands will never hold str
So as I pray, Unlimited Blade Crit.