[FE8] [COMPLETE] Host of the Dark 2.45 (25 main chapters, 4 gaidens) + 0%, Fixed, and Casual modes!

I turned my first playthrough into a second playthrough because I didn’t appreciate having my convoy ransacked through no fault of my own. Generally you get to keep your items and unit experience from lyn modes but here things are just selectively deleted, its fine no one has mentioned it but I’m not going to be convinced that’s the right way of managing items.

I’ve never played three houses, I exclusively enjoy up to the gba version of fire emblem and from what I’ve heard the story of later games in the series is significantly worse. I’ve played path of radiance but didn’t like it.

I did give atom my stat boosters, they are like candy in this hack so might as well use them. I will say druid is objectively better than summoner in this hack because switching to thorn mimics the functionality of a summon since with thorn a unit is pretty much unkillable. And Eagle? That guy has 3 speed, I’m not giving talismans to a guy with 3 speed and 15 strength that can be hit by hammers. Atom got 29 str and 26 speed without boosting those stats, i just had to boost def and hp a couple of times and probably a couple of goddess icons. With eagle id have to dump speedwings and energy drops if i even had enough and his ranged weapons are worse. And his best weapons either never run out (thorn) or are dirt cheap (aspect of truth). Thats just a really odd comparison.

Subaru is definitely not one of the best units, axes in general are probably the weakest weapon type in this hack so it doesn’t mean much he can use good ones quickly. They don’t hit enough to be reliable and the strength growth would catch up to him.

that’s wholeheartedly a you problem. You didn’t like that you lost items, that’s fine, but treating the hack as if it were designed around knowing about that on a first playthrough is not. You broke the game using knowledge gained that would normally only be there upon a second playthrough.

I used Dimitri as an example because he is one of the most liked characters in the series and goes through an arc that is somewhat similar to Sal’s, with the majority of their part 2 having them be a crazed beast that is merely a shell of who they once were. I believe you have a problem with Sal because he attacks your superego, which is the self conscious part of the mind which reflects social standards. The standard of Fire Emblem is to indulge this superego and have the player take control of a purely heroic protagonist saving their homeland from pure ego, Sal puts that into question by putting you in the shoes of someone actively wanting to take that away from an innocent group of people, this is also why the fictional race in question is known as “demons”, the word demon has a negative connotation normally, which puts you in the shoes of Sal, someone who’s been told again and again that demons are evil beings, it puts you in the shoes of someone who has trouble sympathizing with demons.



I don’t like Sal because he goes from being a whiny kid to being a racist murderer to realizing he was wrong and everyone living happily after all in the span of like 5 or 6 chapters. None of the changes are done subtlety or in a realistic way. They just kind of happen all at once and I just never really sympathize with him throughout it and I don’t even know what the moral of the story was supposed to be. I don’t mind playing as an antihero, I just mind when the antihero has no redeeming qualities.

And with a summon the purpose is to draw enemies closer with no risk of hurting your units, with thorn you are unkillable and it draws enemies in closer so idk, pretty similar. Thorn is just better because you draw in all the enemies in range and can block entrances so its kind of like thorn is a square and summons are a rectangle.

What weapon type do you think is weaker than axes? I can’t really think of another one that’s not significantly better, I didn’t try the mankete I guess.

I havent played much of the game, even though the pallets of the characters look neat, I found the dialogue pretty off, but I have to confess that this back and forth of you guys is pretty fucking funny, and it kinda makes me want to play the game a bit more just to see what the fuss is all about.


Firstly if you think things ended good you either completely missed the point of the ending or just straight up didn’t read it. The demon king is once again defeated by the very hand that lead the conquest against his people, condemning mostly all demons still on the continent and not underground to death and those underground to 200+ years of solitude, trapped underground once more with Sal working himself to the bone afterwards just to try and carve a path to a new world where demons aren’t so hated which, in case you haven’t realized is pretty damn hard.

Second you only think there is no subtlety because you didn’t catch on to the changes in his personality until it hit you square in the face. And told you straight out. Sal was always on the more racist side of the coin since part 1 due to all Cory has done and it only gets worse as time went on, yet even still at his darkest moment he still did not kill any of the demons on his side, contradicting his own ideals. It’s only when he’s confronted with his actions and his contradictions in chapter 19 that its obvious that he is unsure of his own path and it’s in chapter 20 that he starts changing course, and even then he still isn’t a perfect person.

You’re not supposed to sympathize with him. You’re intentionally supposed to turn on Sal, if you didn’t sympathize with the guy then the story did its job.

Summons have rock bottom defense, you can move forward with your army with the phantom due to the enemy favoring phantoms over other units. Plus with a phantom you can move a phantom far more than just druid. 6 movement of the summoner + 6 move of the phantom.

Is there a part 2 member card you can get before the first secret shop?

Not before the first secret shop no but you do get one before the second and it’s guaranteed

Can you add fixed mode ?

Hello, at this time I will not be adding a fixed mode, perhaps when the next patch is ready I will add it but for now you can easily just do it yourself in FEbuilder. I will add that most units are not so reliant on their averages that they’ll fall behind if they’re screwed by a point or two in a few stats.

HotD 1.4 has been released, lots of small changes here as well as some supports and endings done!


Small update to the main patch today but we now have a new lunatic difficulty!
Changes in lunatic mode include:
Increased enemy strength and skill
Minor nerfs to most units
Weapon triangle is dead and I killed it
Powerful weapons and items are cleared from the convoy between parts
10,000 gold is taken between parts
Most seals have been taken in part 1
Most unbreakable weapons are now breakable
Nerfs to specific powerful strategies
Reversal of unit colors to denote the mode
Gems provide less gold
Enemies have better weapons sooner
Arenas are dead and I killed them
Super canto is dead and I killed it


Hey everyone, pretty big update today!

First off the most noticable changes, a lot of the portraits have gotten big touch ups courtesy of @serif .

We’ve also got a lot of gameplay balances, anywhere from Trim getting 3 more strength to Tmuran and Tatiana getting noticeably different stat spreads. Mary in particular got the most love, both getting a support and a complete unit overhaul. She is now a soldier with a magic prf spear. Promotion bonuses have been changed a bit and light tomes have become cheaper overall.
A new item in the shine spark tome, a flier effective light tome.
The legendary weapons now all have the little flash intro.

Most importantly in my eyes however are the numerous story additions and retouches to better make both Solum’s and Sal’s journeys more consistent and well rounded. Many thanks again to Serif for many of the ideas for the additions.

In some unrelated news the sequel to Host of the Dark, named Dawn of the Dark is going well and will be undergoing private beta testing soon before a public demo. Anyone who wants to do some testing should join the Host of the Dark server for more information.


Hi ghostcreator,

I tried an older version of this game and fallen to despair right in the very first chapter.

Now that I talk about Version 1.6, it’s a totally different experience, which is worth to talk about. I like it so far, to make it short.

I, as dump as I am with names, would be interested in knowing if you’re planning to write Support level in characters profile besides of having it „only“ in the Support menu at battle prep.

So far I have nothing to mock about, my progress is Ch. 3, vs. Marrow.

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Hello thank you for the response! As of right now I do not have the necessary knowledge in order to have supports properly display. Believe me, I would love to have it display but sadly due to how the patches were installed early on, it would be more trouble than it is worth.

Support comes in handy, but it’s not all about Support.

I‘ll play through, no prob :grin::+1:

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I wanna give this hack another try on lunatic but there is something very wrong with the text in the text boxes, they keep getting cut off and only showing like 90% of the text or they are spaced very weirdly, its very jarring to read.

also i found a bug on ch1 wich crashed my game 100% and had to delete it with FEBuilderGBA to proceed to ch2 :

400D04059DD4150840050200010000002006C202400D040541D51508 //IncreaseSupportLevel[Unit1:0x4 Fidem][Unit2:0x5 Sagiita]

I really liked Lunatic mode though, its actually really hard but the text though :smiling_face_with_tear:

This is due to the part 1 dialogue being from an earlier point in development. I do believe you are still wildly overstating how much text is cut off, however.

This chapter 1 glitch has not been reported before and has never appeared for me despite me playing on official hardware so I am unsure of how you triggered it.

The intended experience is not on lunatic mode if you wish to read the story, I highly recommend the normal 1.6 mode instead as it comes with many script improvements and has functional supports for part 2.

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so u improved the script for normal mode but not lunatic?? why not? isnt the story the same? only difficulty changed? why not update it too to 1.6?

The changes between normal and lunatic mode are greater than simple stat changes, there’s been extensive nerfs, changes to stats, enemy placement, and classes. This makes both 1.5 lunatic and 1.6 normal have a long list of changes between the versions so it isn’t as simple as you believe. It will take time for 1.6 to get lunatic mode.


So, first of all: I TOTALLY enjoy the Main Theme! It’s a well composed Piano-peace, that I really like!

Second: the game is seemingly not finished yet and very unbalanced. I don’t know, if Mick got a place in the 2. part, but some characters from 1. part appear in 2. part as a totally different unit, aaaaand…
What makes angry about it, is the point, that I used Master Seals in 1. part.

Besides, as Third: I hope, you rather include a World Map than reducing the costs of Tomes and Weapons. Because… as a kind of suggestion you could implement frequently and rare skirmishes to the World Map. The bosses of frequently skirmishes are holding Gems/ Money, the bosses of rare skirmishes (once between every Main Chapter, not Gaidens, for example) are holding Master Seals, because rather too much than not enough.