[FE8] [COMPLETE] Host of the Dark 2.45 (25 main chapters, 4 gaidens) + 0%, Fixed, and Casual modes!

I wanna give this hack another try on lunatic but there is something very wrong with the text in the text boxes, they keep getting cut off and only showing like 90% of the text or they are spaced very weirdly, its very jarring to read.

also i found a bug on ch1 wich crashed my game 100% and had to delete it with FEBuilderGBA to proceed to ch2 :

400D04059DD4150840050200010000002006C202400D040541D51508 //IncreaseSupportLevel[Unit1:0x4 Fidem][Unit2:0x5 Sagiita]

I really liked Lunatic mode though, its actually really hard but the text though :smiling_face_with_tear:

This is due to the part 1 dialogue being from an earlier point in development. I do believe you are still wildly overstating how much text is cut off, however.

This chapter 1 glitch has not been reported before and has never appeared for me despite me playing on official hardware so I am unsure of how you triggered it.

The intended experience is not on lunatic mode if you wish to read the story, I highly recommend the normal 1.6 mode instead as it comes with many script improvements and has functional supports for part 2.

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so u improved the script for normal mode but not lunatic?? why not? isnt the story the same? only difficulty changed? why not update it too to 1.6?

The changes between normal and lunatic mode are greater than simple stat changes, there’s been extensive nerfs, changes to stats, enemy placement, and classes. This makes both 1.5 lunatic and 1.6 normal have a long list of changes between the versions so it isn’t as simple as you believe. It will take time for 1.6 to get lunatic mode.


So, first of all: I TOTALLY enjoy the Main Theme! It’s a well composed Piano-peace, that I really like!

Second: the game is seemingly not finished yet and very unbalanced. I don’t know, if Mick got a place in the 2. part, but some characters from 1. part appear in 2. part as a totally different unit, aaaaand…
What makes angry about it, is the point, that I used Master Seals in 1. part.

Besides, as Third: I hope, you rather include a World Map than reducing the costs of Tomes and Weapons. Because… as a kind of suggestion you could implement frequently and rare skirmishes to the World Map. The bosses of frequently skirmishes are holding Gems/ Money, the bosses of rare skirmishes (once between every Main Chapter, not Gaidens, for example) are holding Master Seals, because rather too much than not enough.

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Okay, so, I said your game is very unbalanced at the moment, because:
At the start of Chapter 4 is a Wyvern Rider as an ally. Max is a Wyvern Lord and Support Conversation Menu in Extra has no Wyvern Rider listed.
Prof. Tobias can Summon each turn and if I attack an enemy with a Summoned creature and the enemy kills my creature, I still have to touch the creature and make it Wait, so that it can disappear.
Objective of Chapter 7 was to Talk to Lia. So I did with Solum. What has Solum been saying to Lia, will that be shown?

Tomes are very expansive, the Tomes and Weapons in Shops and Armory are… somehow exaggerated and OP; I mean a Silverlance in Chapter 7, really…??
Due to the circumstance, that Chapter 8 is a new start with Lv. 3 non-promoted units, they are looking seemingly… weak. Miles and Barya aren’t the best units, are they :sweat_smile:
It makes me feel like I haven’t been playing The Binding Blade for ages.
The gap between Chapter 7 with Lv. 10 Great Knight and Chapter 8 with Lv. 5 Mercenary seems to ME… unbalanced.


It’s a ten year time jump. It’s reasonable to think they’re in different classes.

Yes you were supposed to use them in part one. It was designed that way. Bringing them over is for multiple playthroughs.


The support menu has some strange appearances at the moment. This has no effect on the rest of the game.

Yes. That is a glitch that has not yet been resolved.

Play the game


They’re actually some of the best.

You just said yourself it was a new start. The hell do you mean “unbalanced”?? Unbalanced would be putting promoted guys in chapter 8 where everyone except the Jagen is level 1-5 unpromoted. This genuinely is the most baffling statement I’ve heard.

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Sorry for my taste of style. Maybe I should take a look around and search for a game, which is more my style :sweat_smile:

Nonetheless I like the Main Theme, the difficulty level, the story and I appreciate how much heart you put into your own game :grin: :+1:

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Played on version 1.6
Although I was spoiled on losing items on units
at part 1’s end I did still abide by the intended
blind experience using stat boosters, leaving items
on characters using promotion items, etc.
So long dear warp…

Hello I guess I’m a reviewer now?
Here are some edited notes I made while playing/review thing.
If I don’t specifically mention a thing you can assume I enjoyed it or completely missed it!

Overall I really enjoyed my experience I would cite
early-midway into part 2 as the weakest point of the
hack. However overall everything is well put together
and enjoyable making for a fantastic experience.

I only disliked two chapters [Ch 10 and 11]
which is very commendable on what I believe
is a first hack.
[I tend to dislike more than that in mainline FE anyway.]

Spoilers are in each section so all are Hidden

Chapter Overview

Prologue: simple intro map, personally prefer
intro maps to have a little more to them,
not a massive fan of only weapon being prf,
feels bad to be forced to use up early, although
part 1 is short, and it has a few uses,
so it doesn’t matter like at all

Ch 1 feels very slow since no one moves without
the player in range aside a recruitable unit
which just makes him easy to recruit, however
it is an early map clearly going for game tutorial
level vibe so I like it very fun feel, helps contrast
chapter’s end and plot progression.
The Prof. having what reads as a death quote
is a little weird

Ch 2: surprised to get an escape style map
I find it charming when the seize objective
is used for these

In Ch 3 I ignored the jav and quick ended the map.
This hack, part 1 at least, is looking to have lots
of maps with quick finish starts

Ch 4 was a pretty fun map I feel that
the enemy movement is quite good here
keeping the pace up

Ch 4x: A simple Gaiden not much to say,

Ch 5 I forgot to record my thoughts so I
probably enjoyed it

Ch 6 I forgot to record my thoughts so I
probably enjoyed it

Ch 6x: overall OK map nothing special,
nothing horrendous

Ch 7 was a pretty fun map warp served me well,
boss palette was real eyesore lol

Ch 8 was certainly a ch 1 uh it was OK

Ch 9: I thought it was pretty alright

Ch 10: I didn’t really like this one much
bit slogy

Ch 11: I don’t like the lack of staff users
why enemy no move?
I felt the turn 9 reinforcements were too soon
as they kill the general causing a game over
and it’s not likely a blind player will reach in
time especially if they take the map slower

Ch 12 is alright, unique objective gets points
I feel it’s a little weaker by virtue
of FEGBA limitations since you can’t mark
specific enemy ranges to always display.

Ch 13 is pretty good I can’t articulate
but it reminded me of shadow dragon,
but I can explain why it reminded me
of Binding Blade ch 4 with the unit
recruiting themself

Ch 14 immediately hooked me, I like a
good escape style map although I do
wish killing Tobias was possible for
the funny… also wish he had a battle quote

Ch 15 A timed rout huh neat don’t see those
often, Although I feel the map itself would
lend itself better to a defend map where you
must defend the throne, still was a very good
chapter, Anyway fun to see Glim Glam turn up.

Ch 16… this is Izumo isn’t it?
you can’t fool me!

Ch 17 is a good town map

Ch 18 was pretty good

Ch 18x was a decent map

Ch 19 was a fun map if I’m not mistaken
the left side was an earlier chapter
if so very cool

Ch 20 was fun not much to say

Ch 21 was unique, I expected it to be much worse
when it said the NPC moved randomly but it
ended up not mattering, overall not too bad

Ch 22 Uh… Sagiita go Brrrrr?
I had fun.

Ch 23: Wait I get another flaming bolts?
Oh map was cool too. I think I’d prefer
if the boss didn’t move, but meh.

Final: Sol vs Sal is cool
I get a feeling you like conquest
so yeah great map, and amazing by
final map standards


I overall very much enjoyed part 1 I felt
it developed well and ended in a good place

Knowing this takes place in the same world
as sacred stones is fascinating for obvious
reasons, are there multiple demon kings?
Is Fomortiis just a faker? all interesting to chew on.
Ch 18/18x only adds to this.

I also like characters showing up again
I wish we got an IS FE game that did that again
where it’s not like a direct sequel but a story
in the same world like gaiden/echoes or uh… fates…
I mostly just like it in fates because of Ophelia…

Part 2 started off being fairly standard FE affair
however seeds for something more were planted
well, although I do wish Sal had a little more
build up to his demon hate I feel it develops
rather quickly aside from that I felt it was engaging
and a natural development I wouldn’t say it felt forced
at all, and it’s a free game of high quality
so I can’t complain too much now.

And what an interesting post-credits tease…

Other Notes, random thoughts, bugs, etc...

unsure but modular mini mug appears custom [and not so mini]

lord convoy, not my preference

I’d prefer if vulns stated how much they heal

The menu list the talk area as affin and uses that help menu text
You can alter menu text and help menu text in febuilder by
reassigning it or replacing the original text in the text editor
I would also suggest this for the Str stat being converted to Pwr
[Alongside item descriptions like 1/2 mag in staff’s and such]
[The stat names are also just text strings lol, in fact most of the stat screen is]

Additionally changing the energy drop’s description
[and what it is to energy ring or soma? that’s a personal preference for “lore consistency”]

based recruit theme choice

Part 1 Sagiita is kinda cracked

some map sprites seem to be a little glitchy
I think this has to do with the incorrect AP being assigned

Enemy Warrior palete is messed up did you perchance use the archer
class IDs? [Might be animation IDs] if so those will need a patch
because they for some reason have odd data making them use a specific palette

Ch 9’s fog palette grass is inconsistent with non fog grass

I don’t really like the durability display since I use
the vanilla one to help me decide on when to buy more
weapons or if repair is viable. Also I just like it lol.

I don’t really like Tatiana having different inventories
especially when her starts aren’t meaningfully different
and one has items that are always better
might as well not have the class choice
the LV different is also kinda pointless as she is a theif
and stats don’t matter her W.Rank are also the same so there
is no real reason to ever choose trickster, Although I could be wrong.
That said it is a fun idea I’d like to see again!

I think Fem trickster also doesn’t have crit boost???
Might be wrong

I’m curious is there a lore reason to change the
names of the tomes or was that just a thing for fun,
I assume so with dark because it works differently
than in vanilla FEGBA [and most hacks].

Dragon stones have no stats listed only the description
despite said description being in narrow font and very short
So I assume this is unintentional

Wolgar is a nice meme.

Part 2 Sagiita is kinda cracked

The class descriptions are also used for the
promo screen since this hack uses branched promos
it would be nice to have the “Equip: X, Y, Z” text
it should also be noted that this screen can only
display two lines of text so descriptions
should be formatted that way

Paladin description ends with a comma, not a period.

For chapter 15 you can set the mini-objective display to defend
and keep the clear condition/detailed clear condition as rout
and it will display the objective as “Rout” but have the turn count,
if you want it to look like that, I think it looks nicer
and conveys info better to the player

Oh the manakete uses that sword animation… I found it so annoying
to repalette I made a more generic variant,
I hope It wasn’t too bad for you to repalette

Oh fun tile change eventing in Ch 15 for the water

Oh Marley’s palette is bad

“Stone of thunder” is cut off “Thunder Stone” would not be

Not having place on statscreen to view
support rank is really annoying

I’m curious what happens in Ch 20 if Fidem is dead

Phoenix Fire animation is sooooooo long. Based.
Apocalypse animation length enjoys winning.

I like how the late game gives the player a
lot of powerful but reasonably balanced items
makes it feel like you get cool stuff but
keeps game from being trivialized

Playing This Made Me Became Sail

Final Team (Part 2 Only since I forgor to screenshot Part 1)

Die Demon! You don’t belong in this world!
Host of the Dark 1.6-0Host of the Dark 1.6-1

What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets.
Host of the Dark 1.6-2Host of the Dark 1.6-3

How did you get S tomes?
Host of the Dark 1.6-4Host of the Dark 1.6-5

Host of the Dark 1.6-6Host of the Dark 1.6-7

It’s a secret [promo] to everyone!
Host of the Dark 1.6-8Host of the Dark 1.6-9

Host of the Dark 1.6-10Host of the Dark 1.6-11

What am I? What am I? Mankind knew that th-
Host of the Dark 1.6-12Host of the Dark 1.6-13

Woah someone used a dancer? No way!
Host of the Dark 1.6-14Host of the Dark 1.6-15

Dragon… : (
Host of the Dark 1.6-16Host of the Dark 1.6-17

I’m so sorry
Host of the Dark 1.6-18Host of the Dark 1.6-19

And I didn’t pay a cent
Host of the Dark 1.6-20Host of the Dark 1.6-21

Glim Glam :purple_heart:
Host of the Dark 1.6-22Host of the Dark 1.6-23

Added to team late, performed well… Enough.
Host of the Dark 1.6-24Host of the Dark 1.6-25

Do goats dream of undead sheep?
Host of the Dark 1.6-26Host of the Dark 1.6-27

I… uh… you kinda suck bro. who invited you? [I tried, a bit to make you good.]
Host of the Dark 1.6-28Host of the Dark 1.6-29

Athos 2. Hero edition. bro is 1 off 3 stats.
Host of the Dark 1.6-30Host of the Dark 1.6-31

I guess love does find a way. [I didn’t know these existed It was a nice surprise!]
Omg A Paired Ending

I look forward to the squeal.
You clearly have great skill.


Hi! Thanks a lot for the review I genuinely appreciate it! I have some disagreements, particularly with the chapter 11 mage reinforcements as this is the first time I’ve seen such a thing give people trouble but overall I can really see where you’re coming from with a lot of these points and it was a fun surprise to read with my morning coffee, genuinely appreciate the feedback, especially now that I’m working on a sequel

The only other thing I’ll specifically comment on is the status screen complaint because I completely agree and myself found it annoying whenever I playtested but it’s something I sadly don’t think I can fix due to the specific mixed weapon rank patch I installed :sweat:

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Hi, got to say, I love this hack and alot of the custom promotion, I also love Tobias’s lance animation, anyways what I’m coming here to ask is if there is anything special about the arrow tiel in chapter five, every patch I’ve played and it’s still there so I don’t know if I’m missing something or what.

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The arrow tile in chapter 5 is to denote the escape point and for the enemies that take the chests if they’re not agro’d to any of your units. This is used a few more times in the future, just know that secret shops will be explicitly told whether or not they’re present on the map and other secrets will have no indicators as they are secrets

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Ohhh okay I never thought about that. Thank you!

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I hope you enjoy the rest of the game :slight_smile:

HotD has been updated! New part 1 unit and much needed polish to 6x. Tobias also got a new support with Atom which drops a lot of lore.


Just reached chapter 7, did I miss the new part 1 character?

If so, who are they (assuming the answer isn’t a spoiler)

The recruitment guide will give you your answer


Hi. You may remember me from some recent disagreements, but if you don’t remember, all the better. :sweat_smile:
First of all, I wanted to congratulate you on your hack: it looks like a professional’s work, and I can see the attention to every detail, both regarding the unfolding of the plot, the relationship between the characters, and the structure of the maps. The plot is full of original and compelling insights, and the difficulty level is well calibrated.
I really appreciate the fact that the dialogues are long and rich in detail, as opposed to other hacks that settle for a few dull, drab, and forced exchanges of lines.
Anyway I will reserve my final judgment for when I’ll finish it, but in the meantime I would like to ask a few questions:

  • In the seventeen chapter, the enemy general repeatedly asks to be spared and let him escape, but I couldn’t find anyone to dialogue with. You can’t avoid killing him, can you?

  • At the beginning of the next chapter, the leader seems to have changed for the worse, becoming enraged, cruel and wanting to eliminate all residents of the demon village indiscriminately. Maybe I made some wrong choices earlier and ended up in the evil path: I mean, are there forks pertaining to different choices (having persuaded or not certain characters, losing certain party members, etc.) that lead to plot and event changes?

  • I noticed that there is an option to reset and cancel the last turn: this is the first time I’ve seen it in a hack. What prompted you to introduce it?

-I close with a completely personal remark: the two sons of the demon king seem a little too drab and insignificant. They resemble poor peasant sons and seem to lack depth and expressive force. Personal opinion.

Sorry for my clumsy english: I hope I explained myself.
Thank you for your valuable work.:wink:

hello thank you for taking the time to check out the hack.

Nope. Sal makes his own decisions, you yourself are only a viewer of his story.

Nothing will change these events as they are integral to understanding who Sal is, what he has done, and the resulting aftermath. Sal has been on a downward spiral since the beginning of part 2 and it is reaching a breaking point.

it is to give newer players or those not as good at these games as I assume the ability to complete this hack without as much headache as they would otherwise. Or if people simply don’t like losing characters and want to get a ‘perfect’ run, either way, I am not one to judge playstyle, not anymore at least.

daughters. The demon king’s daughters are meant to show a sort of innocence or goodness that is less obvious in other demons due to them being grown adults and on the enemy team, inherently having the player look at them through the lens of villainy. Ilia in particular speaks plainly and in a matter-of-fact manner to fit with her more strategic mind and friendship with Magnus. Lia is much more expressive, especially in a certain future chapter.