[FE8] [Complete] Fire Emblem: Vision Quest (v2.2 - Final Release - 7-Mar-21)

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Glad to see that people are using builder to create real hacks! Hope you guys have a good month of development.


Just starting playing this and so far it looks pretty good. i i found the first couple of maps very enjoyable and fun to play. i hope you’re able to complete this since i belive it will be very fun


Still alive, just had a lot to catch up on over the past few months. Planning on getting back into it soon.

Thanks for the heads up on the Discord link: you can join with this link: https://discord.gg/qkZaA7V - going to update the first post as well.

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Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear you enjoyed the game. As a creator, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone not only take care in, but also enjoy, what you’ve made.

Right now Part II is sketched out in FEBuilder with new characters and maps, and I need to script it and event it next before sharing a demo. We have lots of great battle palettes made and have put a dent in the art, but we still have a long way to go.

Before I get too ahead of myself on Part II, there’s a bit I need to address in Part I, such as weird/broken events, adding art, and sprucing up maps both in play and appearance.

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Will this be at fee3

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Saw the deadline isn’t for another month - will try to get something ready for then, but no guarantees.

The game is certainly demo-able as is, but I think some art + polish in Part I would be needed.

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Do your best to get it done…rooting for ya Pandan


Thanks - much appreciated!

Getting ready for FEE3, going to be a sprint to the finish.

If anyone is interested in helping w/ art, please let me know. Will be able to show you where the project is at and where we can use your help. Shoot me a note here or DM me on discord @dan on FEU or on our VQ discord.

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Hey all - currently going through and marking areas in Part I that need to be fixed and also highlight a few areas that will need improvement.

I know for sure I’ll need help coding in conditional events and making custom victory conditions, but I may also need help with mug and battle palette insertion. KidCinder created a number of palettes already and we have a few mugs to add, but I will also likely add in placeholder mugs so folks don’t get confused with the current layout.

If anyone has expertise in these areas, and even more so with FEBuilder, plese let me know! Thanks all.


Quick update - new patch set to drop for FEE3 this weekend!

Patch will incldue a couple of bug fixes, namely Natsuko’s level 10 cap. There are a few map changes, some polish added here and there. Some new dialogue is added and/or changed as well, I combed through every convo so there should be no weird text bubble breaks.

The team is working on art, but I likely won’t have it inserted for this patch (unless it is super easy)

Want to also share a thank you to everyone that played and shared their feedback. I’ve received lots of great feedback from folks and it is motivating for me to press on. I’ve been going through some major life transitions the past few months, so I haven’t been able to dedicate nearly as much time to this, but knowing people like the hack definitely keeps me on top of this as much as I can be.

Will share more details once it is live. Stay tuned!


Some teasers for FEE3 - want to give a big thanks to Author Pendragon, Spear Doggo, and myst1cp4nd4 for their help on the art and palettes.

Still a long way to go, but we are making progress.


You’ve got a minor error with a flipped tile on the red side’s name box in the battle UI - bottom right corner.

I like the concept of the blonde-haired woman in the bottom right screenshot, but her hair lacks depth to it with how it’s shaded. (Notably the along the back curve of the hair along with the areas where it’s predominately large masses of the lightest hair shade - using the mid shade to add detail and hair flow/groove in places will add depth to it and make it look like it has more volume to it.)

(And, for the record, I’m not personally a fan of how official FE mugs have their hair shaded at times, in the event the comment is brought up that, of the other screenshots just on this thread, Gilliam, Franz, and Seth feature hair shading that prominently uses a large amout of the lightest hair color. Just because they do it doesn’t mean that they’re also not lacking in depth in places. :] )

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Thanks for the heads up - will take a look at that ahead of dropping the patch.

There’s still a few things wrong with it, but I’m not going to have time to fix it before tomorrow so some of the errors will be present in this next demo, unfortunately.

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Good morning, all!

Happy to announce the FEE3 Demo Version is live and available for download here and in the first post.

Updates from v.02:

  • Concept art for most of the cast is available
  • Palettes for player characters and bosses
  • Minor changes to unit balance, items, and enemy placement in some chapters
  • Supports - available, but with no dialogue yet.
  • You can level up Natsuko past level 10 (Sorry about that)
  • Promo Items are available a bit earlier now as well.

Known issues:

  • Not all art is inserted yet, many characters do not have talking or blinking frames. These are all concepts that we are working on
  • Houses in 1-4 get destroyed when visited, not sure why this is.
  • Some of the boss palettes got screwed up, think this is a simple fix but unsure what to do here.

If you see anything else, please report it here or on the discord.

Writing for Part II is underway and the maps are all created, just need testing and balancing. I’d like to get Part I completely polished before releasing Part II, but we’ll see how things go.

If you like the project and are interested in helping us out, shoot me a note - always looking for folks to help out (especially with art!)


Made a few updates to the patch over the weekend, including a special surprise at the end.

Most updates consist of bug and palette fixes, along with a few minor map changes. Download link up in the first post.


Hey all,

Thanks again for all of the support and feedback from the FEE3 release. While I know we have a long way to go, I’m glad people are enjoying the unpolished part I.

Currently, I’m writing the script on my commutes to and from work, and have finished my initial draft of part II. In my free time at home, I’ll work towards getting these inserted into the game alongside the maps I tested.

I’ve never done this before, but would be curious if anyone with experience writing for rom hacks (or just stories and screenplays) would be willing to take a look at the part II script and brainstorm some ideas with me - the game is poised to become more complex in story with different armies, and I’d like to ensure it makes sense and doesn’t confuse the player too much, while also avoiding the dreaded info dump

Once I get the part II maps and events done, I’ll dedicate my efforts to getting concept art for all the characters and adding in the remaining palettes in prep for a more polished part I and II release.

Keep the feedback coming and I’m hoping for my next update that I will have screenshots to share.

If you are interested in helping out, please feel free to shoot me a DM here or come hang out on the hack discord.


Hey all,

Want to share some updates on where we are at with Vision Quest. Myself and the team are hard at work getting more done in prep for the next release.

Since the last update, we:

  • added concept mugs and palettes for every character in the game, including enemies and NPCs - no more confusion w/ FE8 mugs.
  • completed first drafts of all maps through endgame (many still need testing)
  • tweaked early game maps including 2 new map redesigns based on feedback and testing.
  • tweaked skills and stats on a few units.
  • added and adjusted house/village dialogue in Part I
  • wrote the first draft of the script through endgame (still super raw)

The entire game will net out at 28 chapters. I may go back and add one or two more for a nice 30, but we’ll see if it makes sense.

The next release will include all of Part I & II, which will be 18 chapters. I’m currently aiming for sometime in Q1 2019 (I’m about halfway done w/ Part II’s maps and events). December will be tough for me w/ 2-3 work trips + Christmas + vacation, but expect some more news in January with where we are at.

In the interim, here are some screenshots of what’s to come along with some updated bits:

If you’re interested in helping out, there are a few key things that would be appreciated:

  • Conditional events - haven’t had a chance to delve into this, but want to spruce this up a bit. If anyone is able to advise on this, I’d be grateful.
  • Custom art / insertable format - the art today is majority splices I’ve made to capture the essence of the character, so custom portraits would be awesome if anyone wants to take a stab at it. Additionally, almost all of the art today does not have talking frames or minis, and in lieu of custom art, this would be a great next step in improving the overall visuals of the game.
  • Playtesting/Feedback - any feedback you can share about your experience w/ the current release is super helpful as we continue to make improvements to the overall game.

Vanilla FE can help you with this. IIRC, in a lot of chapter end events, there are commands that check if specific units are alive and then it gives different text events (if that’s what you’re going for). No zombies in dialogue, hurray!


DM me in Discord, and I’d by happy to help.


Thanks guys - chair forgot vanilla could be useful here… Good call. Avoiding zombies is one piece of the puzzle. Also want to do a few other things around talk convos, boss chats, found items, etc.

Snakey thanks for offering, will send you a DM with some specifics as to what I’m looking to do.

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