[FE8][Complete] Fire Emblem: Genesis - A Prugressian Tale

Sorry for annoying you but i have the same problem as the other person

This Hack is Short and sound Great Exactly what I was looking for. Will check it out soon!

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I’ve got to playing the hack and I’ve been really enjoying it so far, however it seems I have ran into a bug resembling the one that some others seemingly encountered. After finishing chapter 10 and starting chapter 11, all of the units equipment is replaced with seemingly random weapons, and is lost if not put into the storage, further more, and more importantly even, they are replaced in their base form, meaning they have lost their promotions, stats and even supports. it is worth noting that others had a similar issue dating to the previous update, the only difference being it happened between chapter 9 and 10.

I’m one of those who had problem between chapters 9 and 10, and the latest patch is fine and I completed the game after updating. FWIW, I had a save in chapter 9 (not completed yet) and loaded that save and finished off the chapter, then the problem did not appear in chapter 10 as before, nor did I have any problem in chapter 11. Just to make sure, was your patch last updated on 29 March (or maybe 28 due to local time difference, I live in +8 GMT)?