[FE8] [COMPLETE] Fire Emblem: Flames of Redemption (Version 1.5 out!)

I could never get it that feature to work with the old Skill System. I was told trying to update it was a bad idea. And if I use the vanilla configuration, I’d have to choose between one of the two lords to be the only supply, which I don’t want. At the moment I don’t have a better way of doing it.

Thanks for playing it all the way through!

Shiza, are you planning on making another game? I liked what you did with this one, so I would be happy to more of whatever you make from now on.

Yes, I’ve since started another hack called The Divine Curse. The project is kind of dormant at the moment for several reasons and hasn’t seen an update since September, but it’s not canceled yet. I plan to update it at some point, but I have other things going on. If anyone wants to try it out, be advised it’s very far from completion.

I was also developing another game with someone, but that got canceled. It was unrelated to FE, so I won’t go into detail about it here.

I’ll use this opportunity to announce that I’ll be releasing a new patch of Flames of Redemption soon. At first, I didn’t want to update it again, but I keep seeing people who are still playing this hack for the first time. There are several things about the hack I don’t like, and I think you guys deserve better, so I’ve been working on a new version for a few weeks now. It will have a lot of QoL improvements, buffs to some of the less fortunate members of the cast, and revamps to the more annoying chapters. It should come out this month, if everything goes well.


I’ve completed the new version I mentioned last week. As always, I’ve updated the patch in the download link to the newest version.

Originally, I was thinking of giving the game a bigger revamp, including a complete visual overhaul, but I realized that was somewhat unnecessary, and that I should probably spend that effort on my upcoming hack.

Instead, I chose to focus on the most important part: the gameplay; while still getting rid of some typos, rewriting a few support conversations, and fixing many cutscene quirks. Although I don’t think this is quite a 2.0 version, this is at least a 1.5!

The two versions of the hack have been rebranded: there’s the regular version, and NG+. NG+ is meant for people who have already completed FoR at least once. NG+ includes the following features:

  • Every support conversation is unlocked from the beginning and can be viewed from the main menu.
  • The option to skip the first act of the story (Prologue-Ch6).

Both versions are otherwise completely identical. Originally, I also wanted to add a Fixed Growths toggle, but I couldn’t get the feature to work in this old hack. At the moment, I don’t wish to update SkillSys. Sorry!

Below is a list of (almost) all the changes made in this new update:

General changes
  • The Link Arena is back!

  • Default text and game speeds are now set to fast.

  • Items that were available, but showed up too late are now obtained earlier (i.e. Barrier, physic, and warp staves.)

  • More items are available to the player (including light runes and mines). Light runes only last one turn in this hack.

  • Class-specific promotion items have been phased out in favor of Master Seals, giving the player more freedom to build their team early. Promotion item that came too late (long after the game has expected players to promote their units) have been replaced with other items.

  • Promotions that give you a new weapon will now give you a minimum of D rank.

  • Changed the bosses who still had stat variance so they’re always consistent.

  • In general, maps with a lot of enemies and/or reinforcements have a lower enemy count, but the enemies are stronger (in hard mode) now.

  • Enemy penalty has been removed. On Easy mode, every map has a boost level of 0, so maps will be harder on Easy mode than before. Normal mode should be about the same as always.

  • Thieves can now steal with full inventory.

  • Decreased the weight of some magic tomes, particularly lategame ones.

  • To make Vidar and Dellingr more accessible, Light and Dark magic tomes now give more weapon exp.

  • Fixed a bug where Janna would come back even if she died.

  • Fixed a bug where the ending would loop if Favian had died.

Chapter specific changes
  • The village now gives the player an Axereaver.
  • Removed most of the bridges that Janna could raise. There are only 3 bridges that can be raised, and there is a visual cue for them (narrow river = hidden bridge).
  • Reduced some of the reinforcements and increased enemy stats.
  • Glitchy transitions and effects in cutscenes have finally been fixed, except for the quick screen before a character promotes.
  • The objective is now “Defeat Boss” instead of “Seize”.

  • Joseph should now join if he survived without being recruited.

  • Fixed a bug where one of the spiders had the name of a lategame enemy.

  • Fixed a bug where Sasha and Joseph were present in the cutscenes even if they were not in the party.

  • Fixed a bug where Reiner would say his death quote even when he was retreating.


This chapter was always messy and has received a major overhaul:

  • Reiner is now playable in this chapter. Elias and Nadja remain as green units, but the other generic green reinforcements have been removed.

  • The two bosses that were stationary will now move along with their squads in succession, one after the other.

  • Adjusted some of the one-tile chokepoints.

  • Enemy monsters are far stronger.
  • Some major layout changes were made to make the map less of a slog to traverse.

  • Talia now has a battle conversation against Razeen, who also now has a death quote.

  • Moved the eastern switch closer so it’s faster to press.

  • Generic enemies are stronger, but the siege boss has been weakened.

  • The boss who guards the throne is slower now.

  • Ralph now turns intro a green unit rather than joining right away. He now must be recruited with your lord.

  • Ralph now has a battle quote when fighting Agnar.

  • Delayed the enemy reinforcements even further.


Fixed a bug where the playable Fleet would start with 99 EXP.

  • The map now only lasts for 8 turns instead of 10. Removed some of the green units. (The map still lags the AI for unknown reasons…)
  • Violet’s death is now a game over condition in this chapter (as it was always intended).
  • The Syn tome is now weaker.
  • Added an additional door on the left side of the cell where Elia and Nadja are being held, so the person who kills the druid doesn’t have to backtrack as much.
  • Fixed the tile animation, thus getting rid of the graphic bugs.

  • Fixed a bug where your lords would get a temporary debuff in this chapter.

  • A very secret boss/easter egg has been added to this chapter. The reward might not be amazing, but it might be worth seeing.

  • Gorgons now have Demon Surge instead of Shadowshot.

  • Fixed the door which couldn’t be opened with a key.

  • Made all the bridges 2 tiles wide, instead of just 1. The snag on the west side is now a bridge.

  • The Mothership will now start the chapter with weapons.

  • Moved some of the enemies near the top-left corner to other parts of the map.
Changes to units
  • Lily, Charlie, and Janna now start with D rank in their respective weapons instead of E.

  • Sasha: Raised CON from 6 to 8. Raised her STR growth to 70%.

  • Emil: Higher base HP.

  • Sabrina: Increased base HP from 20 to 28.

  • Joseph: Now joins with Sigil, a Prf tome with effective damage against all monsters. Increased MAG growth to 75% and DEF to 45%.

  • Alice: Now joins with a Physic staff.

  • Raphael: Now joins with a Rescue staff.

  • Skyla and Lyla: Better defensive base stats.

  • Talia: Raised CON from 5 to 9.

  • Ralph: Raised skill from 8 to 15.

  • Ayla: Better stats overall.

  • Violet, Favian, and Cyan now have a death quote.

  • Nadja: She now gets Canto+ and Celerity at base.

  • Julianne: Now gets promotion bonuses when promoting to Summoner.

  • Teresa and the Pursuer now have unique map sprites.

Spoiler changes
  • Rebekka: Karmin now has 7 mt instead of 5, and is effective against all monsters.

  • Roman’s support conversations with Rebekka have been rewritten, with C seeing some minor changes and B and A being replaced entirely. I always felt like it was one of the worst support convos (and rather cringey), despite its importance.

  • Emil’s A rank support with Roman has always featured a rather shocking revelation that very few people have seen, because most consider it to be a waste for Roman. His old B support (where nothing of note happened) has been removed and replaced with the old A support. A new A rank support has been written to fill the gap and continue that plot line.

As always, thanks to anyone who has played my hack, and I hope everyone who has yet to try it has a decent time with it. I’m not around much, but I’m always happy to see people’s thoughts on it, whether they’re positive or negative.