[FE8][COMPLETE] A Vestrian Tale (1.0, 19/09/23 update)

Hello peeps, a new chapter got released. This thing has been in basically complete state on my laptop for almost two weeks. I thought I would be able to complete chapter 8 before the start of my vacation, by I got distracted by some rather trivial matters and now I am out of time. Nevertheless, a sizable chunk of writing for chapter 8 is done and just waits to be inserted.
Well, I’m going for a swim. Have a good one lads, see you soon.


Greetings, peeps. After almost 3 years, the game is finally complete. I am pretty sure there are still some rough spots around the edges, but there is always room for improvement.
I thought I would be in the mood for grandious statements after all this time, but eh, I think I’ve
changed my mind. I am simply pretty satisfied to have delivered a complete project, even if I took a lot of time. With that being said, have fun with the hack. I am eagerly waiting for yer feedback B)


Hack good.