[FE8] Character Palettes not showing with other classes?

I’m unsure how to proceed here. Say I change Seth’s class from Paladin to Ranger, and in the process, instead of using Seth’s good old palette, he uses the generic blue palette.

Now I’m trawling through the NMMs and I see that instead of locking palettes by character, palettes are specific to a character in a particular class, so while, say, Franz has support for palettes for Cavalier, Paladin, and Great Knight, he uses the generic palette in a different class even if he uses the exact same animations as any of his normal classes.

So any ideas?

Yes, use that handy nightmare module.

How exactly? It’s frankly a bit confusing.

isn’t it just set out as class 1/2/3? just edit each of those to classes of your choosing…