[FE8] Chapter Status Screen problem

I updated the Skill System for my hack using FEBuilder, and since I had a custom layout it got overwritten:

I fixed the screen and added the Leadership stars to it:
emulator_01 emulator_02

But now when I try to open the chapter Status screen the game crashes.
Can someone help me with this?

Double post because I’m a moron.

In the immortal words of 7743, “submit report 7z”. Without actual data for your stat screen configuration or the situation around it, we can’t really do much to help you.

This is what I used:

I think the problem are these lines:

SHORT AllyStarCountRText

ORG $A01D46
SHORT EnemyStarCountRText

Since they gave me an error and I had to comment them out.
I tried to find what those label are, but I couldn’t find anything.

Those are text entries, that’s setting the r text on the status screen to say leadership stars as it changes total units to total stars

Then I have no idea what’s the problem

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I finally figured it out.
I used the standalone version of the Leadership system with my custom stat screen layout over the latest version of the skill system on FEBuilder.

I haven’t noticed any problems so far, so I guess I did it right (?)