[FE8] Changing the map theme midchapter

I’m having some trouble with getting the map theme to change for this chapter I’m working on, I tried ENUT 0x04 in the event but it just made it silent instead of changing the song.

I have both Player Phase songs set to different things so that isn’t the issue.

what are the “priorities” for each song please?

and have you triple checked that the song works independently?

I had fixed that, IIRC the problem was with the Chapter Data Editor Nightmare module that didn’t link to the alternate song properly.

Both of them replaced vanilla map themes, and I did make sure they both work.

@AlfredKamon, what do I have to do to fix it?

I can’t remember quite well, maybe @Brendor or @circleseverywhere can help you.

if you send me yours will it work? If it’s edited for repointing and such I can probably fix it up to work with mine, I think

Set event ID 4

It isn’t working, they’re both set up as map themes, the songs are both in there, etc

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Yeah was a problem with the nightmare module, open it up in notepad and change the music 2 values from 28/30/32 to 34/36/38