[FE8] Changing Support Thresholds

FEBuilder says support value is stored in hex, so I’d been hoping it would be an easy edit in hex editor. “Unraked 0 to 50, C 51 to B0, B B1 to F0, A F1 and up” - so C to B is much slower than B to A, which I’d like to change. But after poking in and around “CanUnitSupportCommandWith”, I can’t find anything similar to these thresholds.

SupportLevel is determined by this function.

0802823C B500   push {lr}   //GetSupportLevelBySupportIndex
0802823E 3032   add r0, #0x32
08028240 1840   add r0 ,r0, r1
08028242 7800   ldrb r0, [r0, #0x0]
08028244 28F0   cmp r0, #0xf0
08028246 DD01   ble #0x802824c
    08028248 2003   mov r0, #0x3
    0802824A E008   b 0x802825e
0802824C 28A0   cmp r0, #0xa0
0802824E DD01   ble #0x8028254
    08028250 2002   mov r0, #0x2
    08028252 E004   b 0x802825e
08028254 2850   cmp r0, #0x50
08028256 DC01   bgt #0x802825c
    08028258 2000   mov r0, #0x0
    0802825A E000   b 0x802825e
0802825C 2001   mov r0, #0x1
0802825E BC02   pop {r1}
08028260 4708   bx r1

For the time being, I made a patch that can easily change this value, but the test is insufficient.

Change SupportLevel fot next level C
Change SupportLevel fot next level B
Change SupportLevel fot next level A

You’re amazing! Thank you.

Hmm. Changing these values at all results in support conversations not being initiated. However, I have a few other patches that may be to blame:

“Gain Support at Various Ranges” (3 Tiles)
“Max Range for Support Gain” (3)
“Modify Maximum Number of Supports” (20)

These work with regular values (50, A0, F0) but not with any other values.

What are the any other values?
I want to check the situation, so please send report7z.

Included a save where Eirika and Seth should have 15 + 23*3 = 84 support points. What’s interesting is that if I revert the C threshold from 3C to 50 and load the save, the C support is automatically gained without the conversation. So points are still incrementing.

I fixed this issue.
There was another data group that had to be changed.
Update FEBuilderGBA and press the Write button again with “Support next level” patch.
This will also update the other set of data.
I think this works correctly.

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