[FE8] Cerulean Coast (20 chapters + 5) Act 2 Complete!

Cerulean Coast.emulator-36
The aftermaths of a failed succession struggle has one of its conspirators, our fortunate protagonist, Ellerie, be driven from her home. She sets sail for the Cerulean Coast, a new frontier yet to be conquered by any nation. Yet these untamed lands won’t be so kind to a newcomer, and her old friends and enemies won’t be as far away as she believes. And thus begins this coastal adventure!

Don’t worry, that introduction was as nauseating to write as it was to read.
I’d appreciate any thoughts, comments and feedback on the hack, for polishing a hack is never over.
Of course, if you see any bugs or typos, please do inform me so I can crush them with extreme prejudice.

Features of the hack:

  • A distinct playable cast each with 1 or 2 centralising skills
  • A vastly expanded weapon selection
  • Handy prfs, including cannons, cooking utensils, and more!
  • Interactive town maps with quests, deals and secrets
  • Universal infantry shove, universal mount canto+
  • The ol’ QoL grab bag: viewable growths, view enemy range, talk bubbles, etc.
  • Boats guaranteed, including boat maps, fleets, landboats and skyboats
  • Build your own monster to whom you can give a funny name

Download Link
Download the patch from here!

Tower river

cannon newastral

poorly replacement lead by example

quick rain night

forest2 backstabber

quest boat

Cerulean Coast.emulator-37 Cerulean Coast.emulator-38

FEE3 Trailer

Mechanical Changes
  • Promotion doesn’t reset level, max level is 30
  • Weapon triangle is +/- 30 hit, +/- 3 damage
  • Weapon hit is higher, terrain bonuses are slightly higher
  • Supports are fixed, with all bonuses granting 1 dmg/dmg reduction, 5 hit/avoid
  • Trade/Give/Take are free actions
  • Leadership stars give a flat +3 hit to allied units
  • Bows with the might of axes (I am biased towards archers)

All mechanical changes here are also listed in the Guide section in the hack

The Path Ahead

We will see how poorly these age!

  • An end goal of 20ish chapters
  • Definitely aiming for 50 units
  • More funny skills (or dumb, depending on your sense of humour)
  • Distinct maps with their own twist
  • More big and scary weapons

The general plot outline and future units have been planned out, and most weapons implemented. We’ll just have to get there!

Why Make Hack?

Thanks to good friend who unfortunately passed the curse of Fire Emblem over to me, I found myself very interested in this form of strategy rpg, with its simple mechanics, easy to calculate numbers and fast pace (at least in comparison to a lot of other rpgs.)

I ended up diving into the rabbit hole that is Fire Emblem hacks, starting with the big name release titles of 2020, such as Vision Quest, and there are many hacks with which I have had a more fun experience than even mainline titles.

After playing a lot of hacks, and talking a lot about hacks with a group of pals, I got a good grasp on what kind of ‘fire emblem’ I like. Some of that includes characters having incredibly powerful skills rather than ones that don’t matter much, limiting random chance/poor information screwing over the player and canto+ (it’s one hell of a drug).

So I thought, why not give it a run? And a very long time later, here’s the result.

Patching Instructions

I assume basically everyone reading this post knows, but can’t hurt to have it here again.

  1. Acquire FE8 rom
  2. Acquire NUPS from Fire Emblem Shrine :: Patchers
  3. Patch the FE8 rom with the downloaded patch using NUPS
  4. Regret life choices
Unit Recruitment List

If a unit is not stated on this list, then they will join automatically. (Most of the cast!)

  • Chalice: Visit the left boat door in chapter 3

  • Telon: Talk with anyone in chapter 3

  • Francisca: Talk to Johnny Spices to receive his quest in 3x, then visit the right staircase in chapter 4 to find her, she will then join in chapter 6

  • Vermillion: Visit right house in chapter 4

  • Iosaf: Defeat him in chapter 4

  • Whipjack: Talk with anyone

  • Murky: Destroy the discrete pile in chapter 8

  • Chixin: Bring the broken sword to the fire pit area

  • Basil: Talk with anyone

  • Foxberry: Defeat the fire dragon in chapter 14

  • Joyful Jo: Talk to Whipjack in 14x to receive his quest, then visit the tile in top left section of ch15 between two armories, then defeat him

  • Hagendire: Talk with anyone

  • Oren: Open his cell door or talk with anyone

  • Lilac: Open his cell door or talk with anyone

  • Zububai: Talk to Rosswick in ch17x to receive his quest, then visit any grave tile in ch18


Special thanks to 7743 for making FEBuilder exist, which really broke down the barrier of entry for incredibly dumb people like me.

Which also means technical issues, and I greatly appreciate 7743 (what a legend), Epicer and Vesly for helping me solve them.

Thanks to Team Distant Roads for being nice people, helping me out and encouraging me along the way.

Playtesting by various kind individuals, Godspetturtle, Loog, Bpat, Roze, Randomwizard, Leche, Mournfulrelic, Xilirite, Dainn, etc.

Thanks to Mournfulrelic who saved me quite some time by making a few mugs for me.

Shoutout to Sdaht for doing some of my unit palettes to feed my desire for laziness

Credit to Turtle’s magic deck for inspiration for ideas.

I couldn’t have even thought of making a hack without all the cool stuff made by the hacking community, whether it be portraits, cool tech or art assets. The sheer size is too long to post here directly, so here it is below.

Like every other hack in existence, I have a server.
It’s where I will in theory release new playtest patches and announce progress, but we’ll see about that one.



Congrats on the release - some neat ideas on display and I’m keen to see what comes next.


Vermillion’s looking to make an omelette…
…and she’s willing to break some eggs :sunglasses:


Congrats on release Rivian, and to everyone else remember to train your Gecko


I epically helped playtest chapter 1 and 2 a day before release, gaming. Hack good!

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Can confirm that this hack is very gamer.


Looking great so far! Good job Rivian!


This looks really amazing! I can’t wait to see how it progresses.

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Congrats for the releases ! I quickly tried the three first chapters, and I very liked what I saw

On the writings, the humorous tone insert itself nicely with more serious aspects of the game (even with for now they are more foreshadowed by some of the characters. I also quite liked that many informations were written from the pov of Ellerie (like the description of characters in their menu), and in general I like the idea of her character, and the characterization of other characters was nicely done.

For now, this crew of misfits adventurers going into the frontier of the “civilized” world give me a big feeling of a tabletop adventure. Like a D&D scenario in the sword coast, which is something like quite a lot.

Then on the gameplay/game design, it was quite smooth. There is some good twists (like in the second chapter) that force you to adapt and the anti-turtling mechanics in the hack give you enough time to have some freedom in handling the maps, which go nicely with the twists. For the Dragon vein, since there was only one in the first chapter, I can’t say much about it but it can be an interesting gimmick

Then I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s intended, but I remarked this guy before leaving the second chapter:

the guy in question

Fire Emblem - the Cerulean Coast 03
Fire Emblem - the Cerulean Coast 04

Also I was also thinking that the swap skill of Mince was a bug due to it’s range, but there was a discussion with Lindros that hinted that it was intended ! The only bug I saw for now is that the harm staff of the shaman is stopping combat music when used

Good luck for the future updates !


I’m glad you enjoyed it! I admit I was very inspired by the tabletop adventure kinda feel, so that’s kind of the setting I went for.

The guy there isn’t a bug, he’s just there to look spooky.
I’ll have to fix the shaman staff for the next bug fix patch.


I played some chapters and it’s real fun so far. Wacky, but in a cool, good and unique way. Especially love what you are doing with the skills and the setting of the game.

Question: Are quests there own x chapter, or will they be part of a chapter? Or am i supposed to go to them from the x chapter? I am a bit confused there

Keep up^^


Thanks for the encouragement!

Quests are always related to on map tasks, which in current version there is one in ch4, one in ch5, one in ch6 and a continuation of ch5 quest in ch7.

As it stands the ch4 one might be a bit obscure, but it’s just visiting both staircases. I’m thinking of making that one more explicit.


Ah, like Berwick then. Thanks!

I think what needs to be a bit more explicit is how the quests in general work. I got confused at first and kept searching for some way to enter the ‘‘quest maps’’ from 3x xD


This ROM hack has potential to be on par with Vision Quest. Move onward with your goal and be optimistic. I’m sure your ROM hack would be well received by others with a story of exploring the uncharted lands and lore behind it.

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Yeah, that is a fair consideration. I already have a tutorial text box for quests, I might as well throw that detail in as well.


It will be better IMO


It doesn’t have to be the next Vision Quest; it’s already the world’s first Cerulean Coast :sunglasses:


Great game! Love what’s available so far!

Only issue i’ve found so far is that any Prf without a set weapon rank (Shown in game as - ) can be used by any unit:

The Prf in question


That’s embarrassing, I didn’t properly set all the prf locks for all the prfs. :sweat_smile:
I’m glad you had a good time, and thanks for reporting this issue.


Not locking PRF onto certain characters does seem embarrassing, at least you know the issue.