[FE8] Castlevania x Fire Emblem Project

I am currently working on a patch that will feature characters from the Castlevania series performing together.

As well as Alucard and Richter Belmont as representative characters.
Carrie Fernandez and Reinhard Schneider from Castlevania 64 will also participate.

There are three main characters in this work.

The first is Soma Cruz from Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow.

The second is Malus from Castlevania 64.

The third is Linda Burston, the original but older sister of Malus.

If you have any other concerns,
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Can you please elaborate on the “performing” part of your post?

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Where do I begin to explain?

Is it about the story?
Or is it about the impetus?

Well I think you should rename the tittle of this thread and give a vibe of what are you talking about to let the people know what they are going to read.

Please specify what kind of patch you are working on , which engine you are using, for which FE is this patch designed.

Post pictures showing your progress.

Specify if you are making a reskin, a new game with original story. That kind of stuff.

Whatever, good luck with your project. Cause i love FE projects about not actual FE series xD
Like yours , im a big fan of Castlevania.
I would like to see how this project grow

Good luck


I changed the thread title.
Based on FE8 and aimed at people who play Hack.
We want to make it easier.
This is because we want people who played FE7 and FE8 to feel almost the same way.

Many of the graphics are currently being produced with my big sister.
We are still working on it together with my big sister.
I can’t show you the screenshots yet. Sorry.

Then I am embarrassed to say that I simply don’t know how to post links and media.


I log in with my cellphone i don’t know how to do it on the pc
So I’m just going to tell you how to do it in your phone

Copying and Pasting Links
There are new functions on apps that works with internet. They generally have the function of copy or share the link
Once you have the link you just paste it on the message you want.
Or you can also can directly copy the link that it’s up in your browser
Like https//fireemblemuniverse.us or something like that

How to post media
You can share the link of the website where you posted that media
Or you can directly upload a picture or a file by touching the icon that appears below your message when you are typing. That icon is the one who has the arrow looking up.

I wish you luck in this project for you and you big sis. And i hope to see progress soon ;3


If you are still confused he ment this one

@Lukirioh pictures are easier to understand universally lol

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I suggest making points as follows and adding in the topic

  • screenshots of maps and characters
  • story or back story ( how the story goes changes in story you made)
  • features of the hack (same as quality of life but a bit big changes for eg being able to steal even when inventory full)
  • quality of life changes you made even if its very small change eg making heal staff 1-2 range etc
  • how its different from your normal fire emblem
  • your progress [how many chapters or characters done (suggested to be shown in tittle for eg if 8 chapter done you can change the tittle to 8 chapter done in bracket)]
    *bugs and issues testers need to be aware of. (There is always bound to be bugs which occure some may freeze the game some may crash the game these bugs with why they happen must be included (dont fear to edit your comments as it will always change with your progress i found some who fear to edit idk why )

These should be included For passers to know what is this about and what can they do to help. there are alot of people who are always ready to help and fix and give advice on what your problems is while making the hack and its solutiom there is also a discord server where you can ask for help regarding your project


@Aswink thanks for that clarification lol

And I’m going to talk about screenshots.
You said screenshots of maps and characters.

I personally choose the hacks by the screenshot cause they show me how the game looks

So I recommend to take pictures of every single thing that makes your project unique.

Like custom characters or maps of course.
But also custom UI ( interfaces )
Custom skills or classes
Custom animations.

That my advice of which screenshot you should post.
And again, good luck with your project!