[FE8] Cap Extension

Like the name says, I made a patch that’ll extend the caps of the class ID, HP, and regular stats. Here’s the patch
IPS Patch
And here’s a link to the github repo that has the source and more detailed information.

An FE7 variant may become available if there’s demand for it.
Comments and questions are welcome.

This will break current savefiles
I’ll try to make a utility to convert old saves to the new format so they’re compatible.


Wait - Does this work without breaking saves? Because in this case it would be better than the solution I know about.

Yeah it does break saves, you need to start a new file otherwise your units’ data will get mangled. I’ll update OP

Can you extend cap for supply too?
And regular stats include luck, don’t they?

Supply is entirely different unfortunately, and yes luck too.

Is this compatible with the skill system?

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It seems to save the class byte to bwl data (specifically byte 3) to save the space for the other stuff, which is where learned skills are also saved for the skill system (specifically bytes 1 through 4). So that won’t work there without edits.

Also I don’t know if this is intentional or just a huge goof; but this doesn’t seem to work for suspend at all.

You can alter which byte in the struct is used in the src since there’s 16 of them. Suspend’s caps are already large enough to accommodate the larger saved numbers, and the class ID works both for suspend and saves.

Suspended caps for non-HP stats is 31 (5bit saved for each stat (cf Colorz’s doc on ‘save’ (suspend) unit format (or mine))).

Oh that’s odd I guess I did goof on that. I’ll put that on the to do list for revisions.