[FE8] Calculate AS based on Str

I remember there was a patch for FE7 to calculate AS with Str instead of Con, just like in FE9/10.
Is there something like that for FE8?

Here I just quickly edited aeras patch that uses (CON+SKL/4) for AS calculations. So no need to credit me (It was literally just deleting 3 lines and changing a number)

I made a short test and it seemed to work fine. You can add it to the patch2 folder in FEBuilder and it should be available via the patch window. Let me know if it works as expected.

STR AS Mod for FEBuilder


Thanks, that worked perfectly

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Is this a change for FE8U?
That’s excellent.

I will also create another version of FEBuilderGBA as a patch later.

Yes this is for FE8U.
However I just added a english description so someone would have to add a translation for the other languages.

I made the FE8J version.