[FE8] Blood Party (18+) [Chapters 0/11]

Fire Emblem: Blood Party is a zombie survival themed 10 chapter short hack with a concept somewhat familiar.


Aria Scarlett aspires herself to become a powerful Sage despite her interest in anima and her smarts. However by that breaks the privileges of the Scarlett bloodline, her father halts her dreams to become a talented Swordmaster as a legacy. After years go by, this doesn’t stop her from forgetting her interests. Till her father’s death her mother allowed her to fulfill her dreams and become who she really wants.

She then enrolled in an enormous academy well-knowned as Dragon Spark academy, an academy for mages, writers and politicians. She enjoyed her life more than she we’re in her Swordmaster training as she then later elected as the School Pres.

Life was wonderful for her being in the academy, until a different kind of Monday arrives. Just the beginning of this day, things just get progressively strange. Monsters and Demons spawned outside the school grounds and trapping the campus with a dark force-field barrier unable the students to escape. A very sudden incident that made the students panic to await for their death. Aria begins to look for help from the teachers but they are all unmatched from this dark and mysterious masked man. Terrified Aria, she then runs back in her classroom panicking on what she saw with nothing left but her classmates in front of her shivering in fear. Until she reminded her role of being a School Pres. as she notices her classmates waiting for her on what to do next. It is the time for her to finally decide.

With her remaining sword fighting skills and her classmate’s abilities and talents. She then leads her class preparing for a huge bridgade to survive and escape out of the academy. As this is where the chaotic bloodbath mass-murdering party starts.


  • Dark toned story depicting gruesome character deaths
  • Action-packed zombie survival
  • Implemented skill system
  • Straight forward and no gaidens
  • Starts your army as trainees or even nothing but villagers
  • Multiple endings

0/11 chapters complete


i love zambies! excited for this project : )

I always wanted a zombie apocalypse fe hack, as well as a school themed hack, so I hope this turns out good, good luck!