[FE8] ASM Hack to Assign an Affinity to a Character

Hi all, I’m currently working on making a playable tactician for FE8. I’m aiming to allow the player to choose their affinity and weapon by using the split path menu.

The set up I have in my events so far is that the player first enters their name, then they are prompted to choose their affinity. When the affinity is selected, the character slot with the selected affinity is loaded on the map. Next, the player can choose which weapon they want to use and the split menu is used here as well. I was planning on using Sme’s asm hack here to give the character a weapon level depending on what they choose, but this is where I get stuck. Because at the moment, I’m using 7 character slots for each affinity and I’m finding it difficult to write conditional events per choice per character slot.

So I am hoping that someone is able to help me with setting up an ASM hack to assign a specific character an affinity through events. If that can’t be done, I would appreciate any help to figure out how to get a playable tactician playable in FE8. Thanks in advance.

Many aspects of character data are saved in RAM/save data (like inventory, level, weapon levels, stats…), but affinity is not one of them. Affinity is read from ROM character ID. Your hack would consist of reading affinity (and ig setting it as well) somewhere in RAM. It’s definitely doable, though it may not be as easy a solution as you were hoping for.

Oh ok, thank you for the insight. I’ll find a work around the issue somehow. Thank you again for taking the time to answer.

I can try something out tomorrow, ill dm you if that gets anywhere

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Thank you for trying. Even if it’s not doable, I appreciate you taking the time to attempt it.

This may be what you’re looking for.
EDIT: I didn’t read the posts above, so affinity is not in RAM. My bad.