[FE8] Adding multiple summonable classes

Opening the FE8 Summon Editor allows me to edit the default class that is summoned. I am interested in expanding this, so that each summoner summons a different summon type. For example, one guy might summon a Sword Phantom, another an Axe phantom, and another a Lance Phantom. How might I accomplish this?

probably would have to make new code to say, “load x if summoner is y”
although I know the game has the phantom class hardcoded to not be able to trade so you’d have to write even more code to account for stuff like that

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Well, we have this.

And this.

If we could combine the two, we’d have:

-Character ID who can summon
-Character ID to summon
-Class ID of the summonee

like I said


Phantoms are actually hardcoded to not do a lot of things, not just trading (i.e. they can’t shop, rescue, be rescued, or use items, but I think there’s a lot more phantom checks in the rom than just those.)

Makeshift workaround: Could I make the phantom class be able to use swords/axes/lances/bows, then randomize which weapon type it gets when it is summoned? I think I recall from when I played FE8 a few years ago that their inventory is randomized, so if I could edit that list, I’d at least be able to make weapon types part of the variety.

debug that shit
you’d have to mess with the weapon levels though

There’s a whole bunch of comparisons at 7AE9C that I’d guess are the “increase variety of weapons generated based on summoner’s level” part. Tell that part to check who the summoner is and you’re good to go.