[FE8] Adding Lyn Mode-like character endings?

So it’s either I do that or port like 30 different patches to FE7. And FE7 is inferior in the first place.

My goal is to have a dozen chapters, mid-game character endings, and then many more chapters and a real ending, with its own character endings. I don’t know how I’d be able to pull it off, or even what a possible starting point could be.
All I really need is a place to start, so I know what I have to do. (Doing it is another story, but I’ll get to that on my own time.) Does anyone have an idea?

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make some CGs with text and then insert them into the game?

load the portraits but use the tutorial text box?

use the tutorial menu to hide the character endings so that players can read it in their own time?

or just accept the compromise and don’t have character endings for a game that hasn’t ended?

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What are the minimum elements necessary for Ending?
Depending on what you need, what I should speak is different.

For example, kaitou patch(FE8J) has two endings.

When you clear 33 stages, You will go through the ending.
A list of the number of clear turns so far and the characters afterward are told.

However, the story continues as it is.
After clearing the chapter 29 of Gaiden later appearing, another ending comes out.
Again, A list of the number of clear turns so far and the characters afterward are told.
Then, the strategy evaluation is displayed, the FIN screen is finally displayed, and the game is ended.

Kaitou is compromising in two respects compared to Lyn edition of FE 7.

The party will be handed over as it is.

The characters afterward is the same for both endings.

This is to proceed to the Gaiden.
For (1), if you create a process to take over to Unit 0xF, you may be able to do something similar to Lyn’s editing.
For (2), here too, I think it can be changed if takes over to 0xF.

However, I think that it is difficult to make the third option like Hector editing of FE 7.
In FE 8, LordUnit is only 0x01 and 0x0F.
To change this, you need to change various places using ASM.

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