FE8 - Adding a temporary unit during 5X

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  • Hacking method: FEBuilderGBA
  • Base Game: Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones
  • Steps to reproduce: Just a small question regarding adding a unit during one of the missions: 5x Unbroken Heart.

Ok, so i’ve been playing some projects created by people here and such for a while now, but now i wanted to learn some bits to make small modifications to a personalized rom. I’m not planning on making anything big, just small adjustments for my personal use such as adding customized classes, animations, items and a few new characters.
For one character in particular, i wanted it to appear during mission 5x, you know the one where Ephraim, Forde and Kyle (Along with Orson) become available but only for that mission, after that they are “removed” until they come back in mission 8 as reinforcements. I tried to just add the unit with the unit placer on the same groups as the others to see if that worked and while the unit did appear and was playable, when the mission is over Ephraim, Kyle and Forde vanish as they should, but this new unit now appears with Eirika and co instead of going away. I even tried checkig the chapter end event, and apparetly there are some commands and stuff there, I tried adding the character there but it still did the same, chapter ends, everyone leaves but the new unit. So i assume there has to be something else to make this unit do the same, but with my limited skills i cannot figure this out.
I read somewhere that there are different ways to load units but they need to be added via new unit placement and creating the recruitment event. I tried that but for some reason the unit loads and immediately disappears as soon as the turn starts so i couldn’t test it properly. I’m sure i’m missing something but i would appreciate if anyone could give me any hints about this. What do i need to do???

In this case you need to make the new character REMU in the events on the chapter end event, then when they appear again to REVEAL them just before the spawn.
These two screenshots show what I mean if it helps.

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First of all, thanks for taking time to reply. Now, do i need to add that on the ending event like that in some particular point? Does it need to be near the top or bottom? Or can i just put it anywhere?

Definitely before the chapter change, but I just put it below the party switch for consistency since that’s when Ephraim and the cavaliers are disabled as well.

Sorry for late reply, took me a while to get time to play and test it xD. I put the command near the bottom, before the last two lines or so and worked just fine. But I’ll keep the suggestion in mind. Anyway, thanks. That did the trick :3

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