[FE8] [4/22ish Chapters] Inheritors of the Dragon

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What’s this?

WIP Twenty-something chapter hack filled with mechanics I thought would be cool. :sunglasses:
Only 4 chapters are currently playable.


  • Original plot, setting, characters, all that jazz. Writing is my least favorite part so don’t expect much
  • Skills. Old ones, new ones, limited to one personal and one class skill for promoted classes.
  • Promoted classes get growth boosts a la Engage.
  • Infantry gets shove and mounts get canto. Mounts or boats can’t be shoved.
  • The usual QoL suspects.
  • Anti-cheese measures such as arbitrary amount of arena uses per chapter.
  • Funky new weapons and staves.
  • Bows now get WTA over other weapon types at 2-3 range.
  • Speaking of WTA, it now scales with WRank of the one at advantage:
Rank Hit Bonus Mt Bonus Hit Penalty Mt Penalty
E-C +15 +2 -15 -1
B +20 +2 -15 -1
A +20 +3 -15 -2
S +25 +4 -15 -2
Story blurb

Some 600 years ago a dragon rampaged across the continent of Beleria. Now it’s features have started to manifest on certain people all around the lands while the kingdom Farum has launched invasion on its surrounding nations…



Known issues
  • Soundroom shuffle softlocks the game.
  • There are some placeholder assets & missing animations. Don’t worry about it.


Download Link (Again)


Hi thank you for sharing your hack! I’m excited to give this a spin it seems like your feature list is right up my alley.

One question… how come the strike through formatting on the writing bit? Have you had a change of heart in that regard?


Nah, no change of heart, I just tend to put my own unimportant “skippable” ramblings behind strikethroughs. Pretty sure they are rarely used for their original purpose in modern forum culture nowadays idk
Anyway, if you do give the game a spin I would love to hear your thoughts!


Hah gotcha, well I’ll read down to the last letter when I play! I’ll be back with my report!

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Hey, I played through the chapters you’ve released. Overall I think it’s pretty fun so far. Not sure what difficulty you’re going for, but it’s pretty comfortable for me. I reset a couple times, but that was mostly just because I didn’t check enemy stats and put Alysa somewhere she shouldn’t have been. Story is pretty bare bones, but that’s not your focus so whatever. A few more specific things I took note of:

  • Janessa works very well as a Jagen. Her damage is well tuned (slim lance to chip takes most enemies down to low Hp, silver axe pretty much always kills), and given the relatively large map sizes and general (as it seems to me) focus on positioning, her skill gives her a lot of non-combat utility to make her useful while still letting unpromoted units kill. I’m assuming you’re aware of that and it’s intentional, but good job, it works.

  • There are a few text errors here and there, but none of them are too glaring and it never misleads the player on gameplay.

  • I’d personally appreciate a save at the end of the release, just so I don’t need to worry about overwriting progress between now and whenever I apply the next release.

  • I like thief archers. Not really feedback I guess, but I felt like it needed saying.

  • I’m not sure if enemies are supposed to always switch to a weapon they can counter with when the player initiates combat? Again, it’s not that big a deal, you can plan around it once you notice, but I would communicate it to the player since that’s not standard.

  • In chapter 4, the AI is easy to cheese since it won’t attack as long as there is a path to the defense point. The last few turns were spent with me just shuffling units around herding the enemy away from the defense point. Granted, that’s at least partially because I was feeding Diane kills instead of proactively player-phasing them, but still.

Take that all with a grain of salt, though, I suck at Fire Emblem and don’t know what I’m talking about. But overall, I’m having fun with it. Maps are well tuned, units are fun, etc etc.

Also, the title screen is beautiful and I hope you never change it


SO you hate writing soooo probably won’t be supports and paired ending?

This feature is actually exclusive to bosses, but you’re right, it is something I should tell the player about.

Yea, using escape points to guide the AI to the objective makes them act a bit weird. I’ll look into giving them custom AI2.

I’m glad you had fun with the game. It’s nice to hear.

There are plans to have 3 support chains per character. Might cut down the number if I ever feel burnt-out by writing them though.

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So I was giving this hack a run, but the game crashed after exiting the preps screen in Chapter 3.

Taking a quick look in FEBuilder, it might have something to do with Mirabelle, since I lost her last chapter.

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Thanks for the bug report! I’ve updated the download link with a fix plus some other stuff I had been working on.

Full changelog:
  • Made the AI on bunch of Ch4 enemies less cheeseable
  • Rewrote/edited Ch1/Ch2 text
  • New statscreen bg
  • Added new houses with hint text about the hack’s mechanical changes
  • Fixed crashes on Ch3 turn 1 events