[FE8][15 Chapters] Fire Emblem: Attempt 3

I’ve only played through to 4x at this point but I thought I would share since there’s a definitely potential in this project.

  • You could cut out a lot of the tutorial dialogue which explains very basic mechanics. Since it’s a romhack, you can assume most people playing understand mechanics present in the GBA titles
  • Chapter 1-2 were fine imo, small enough maps that 4 move isn’t a major issue. They were a little slow paced but I didn’t feel like I was turtling or stalling while playing. The units also promo quick enough that it isn’t a huge issue beyond Chapter 2/3
  • I found it an odd choice to make the myrmidon and squire 4 move as well. I got the impression that they’re more experienced fighters since one is a knight and the other is a former bandit. Why would they be as weak as a group of children?
  • Lynx as Archer is ridiculously good with 3-4 range. Maybe I was lucky with growths but he has been a hard carry unit for me
  • Some promotions make little sense imo, why would Colin become a Cavalier? Why not a monk or shaman since he’s a pupil?
  • There are a lot of dropable items. Shops feel a little redundant when enemies are dropping 3 iron swords a chapter
  • Morgan using lockpicks was a strange choice since a thief joins that chapter. It takes a niche away from the thief giving me less incentive to use him
  • Windlass crossbow in Chapter 4 is free at the armory, 0 price
  • Chapter 4 gimmick is pretty cool, the length of the chapter gives it a unique feel and makes the chapter feel like an endurance gauntlet. I was a big fan of it.
  • Enemy on 4x drops fetid claw, not sure if this is intentional?
  • 4x boss with random % to berserk units with Eclipse is frustrating. I ended up tanking Eclipses with Ambar to avoid % bullshit
  • A bonewalker in 4x has a Hammer that they can’t use
  • Skyler doesn’t have Canto even though Pegasus Knights (Quinn) have it
  • Archers have way too many options available, 2-3 range with bows while also having 1 range short bows and 4 range longbows makes them too versatile. Maybe cut 1 range short bows since you have crossbowmen in the hack anyway
  • The swearing could be toned down a little. Less is more. When every character is shouting fuck in every cutscene the word loses a lot of its impact.

Hi @scort thanks for giving it a try and for your feedback, it is incredibly helpful! :slight_smile:
Replies to your notes are below:

  • Yeah, I’ll definitely cut some/most of the tutorial dialogue. This isn’t a huge priority for me, but it is something I will do eventually. The same goes for the swearing present in the early chapters of the hack.
  • I think your point about the squire and myrmidon having 4 move is an interesting one. Maybe I’ll give them 5 move.
  • Lynx is a quite good unit, in my experience. I wanted to make GBA archers not garbage, and so I made Lynx. Maybe how good he is due in part to luck with growth rates, but he is good. I think that you are right about archers having too many range options. I may take away 1 ranged bows from archers and restrict those to crossbowmen and nomads.
  • I didn’t include this is the original post, because well I forgot to, but Growth rates are Unit growths + Class Growths. This allows units more flexibility so that each trainee can have one “weird” promotion option, that they will grow into. Maybe this is a silly approach, and I’m still playing with it, but that’s why Colin can become a Cavalier.
  • I may change what items are sold at shops to make them feel more worthwhile.
  • I never considered that! This is really useful insight. Originally the thief was only joined if Luin was alive, which is why I provided Morgan with the thief skill set, in case the player was unable to get a thief. I’m unsure if I want to change it, but this is quite good intel thank you.
  • I’m glad you like chapter 4! It was one of my favorites to make is direction the hack tends to go after 4xx.
  • Yeah that is unideal, I’ll probably end up tweaking this boss.

  • A lot of your notes were on things that I just missed while playtesting so thank you for catching them and pointing them out!

I played the hack up to chapter 6x. I think its a promising first release. Turning a squad of losers into killing machines in just a few chapters does stimulate my monkey brain. I also like some of the unique map gimmicks each chapter presented.


I’ve written a lot here, so I don’t blame you if you don’t to read all this.


My first impression is that going through the forest was a trap, as trading low% hits while moving across terrain with 4 move is very not ideal. Ended up just waiting out at the bridge area until everyone was dead and then taking out the boss, which felt more reliable.

I think while some units do have tier 0 weapons with high hit, Morgan should perhaps get a weapon with more accuracy as his low skill and weapon made his hit rates subpar.

I do want to mention that the bandit boss AI felt a bit unfair since his AI changes on enemy phase when I tried baiting him earlier and nothing happened, so I assumed he was stationary. I suggest giving him boss AI at the start and changing his AI in a turn event at the start of player phase.

I agree with the above posters that the tutorial tips felt too excessive. I would also like to add that I felt like they actively weakened the story as well being so intrusive.


I think the map is pretty solid conceptually. A minor note is that the area for where the inn causes a gameover was larger than expected, and it took two resets to actually figure out how big the area was. I suggest either making it just the inn or making it more explicit.

The trainees have it a bit tough, but its still manageable. I was playing on normal, but if I played on easy I felt like I would have wanted my jeigans here and in prologue, since difficulty becomes quite a bit easier after Silas joins and even more so after trainee promotion.

It was only when I was writing up this post that I realised I had missed Freya, and I’m not the only one that did so. It feels a tad counterintuitive to have Ryne need to walk all the way over when the map is basically finished before he makes it to the halfway mark, and its equally as possible that the player doesn’t visit the inn at all as a bunch of enemies charge the player on turn 1. I think she should just either join from the start or join at the end of chapter.


Another solid early chapter conceptually.

The fact that I was one unit down already made things a tad more difficult. A minor note is that the mace would have helped a lot in the early tough turns, but Irene didn’t have the rank to use it.

I think the forest tile right of the top bridge was quite the choke for the poor 4 move trainees, I think its better off not being there. Quinn and Morgan were both one rounded by bandits, which unfortunately for them, were most of the enemies. I ended up having them to go rescue the green units to bring them over to someone that can talk.

Silas, Lynx and Luin held out while Ryne pressed rally over and over again. Getting Fate kind of forced Ryne into being a permanent rallier because his rallies were simply more useful than anything he himself could do, which is the unfortunate case with rallies much of the time.

The boss doesn’t display the fact she was stationary, so being in her range was a bit spooky with prologue as a precedent. The later reinforcement waves were pretty tough to beat, but doable. I do think that the reinforcement wave appearing right next the boss is awkward since that’s about where I was trying to kill the boss and having another squad show up in my face was very unfortunate, so I had to delay killing the boss and fall back, which meant I now needed to fight the other reinforcement waves as well.


I don’t think Morgan having lockpicks disincentivised using Ash. For a start, a whole 2 move above your other units is huge even if its not for long, and having decent chip and damage makes him solid. More importantly, both ch3 and ch4x involved chests on either side of the map, and not having two units with thief vision would have made ch4 nightmarish to play given that a split is compulsory. I feel that having a single thief would be seriously detrimental to the flow of all of these maps.

I also found out he can steal from player units. I think I saw the same bug elsewhere to do with stealing from hostile green units, so I assume its related to that.

I think generally the layout of the map was quite nice, with plenty of places for the paths to converge. Having a second healer is very nice early on given so much incentive to split. I think there was bit of weirdness with ‘attack when adjacent’ AI being used instead of Boss AI which made centre units look more threatening than they actually were.


Following the general principle that on a survive map there would be some boss out in the fog, I went south where the boss dialogue was which appeared to be intended. I’m not sure if splitting north and south would make things much harder on the player, as on my first try I was a bit stuck on where to actually go. Unsure if some more direction may help.

What is notable is that while Green Klay acts great as anti-turtle, all my units being on the south for turn 8 meant that there would no way they could arrive on time to save him with their stubby 4 move legs. Had to get a few units ready for the next run.

I think the addition of a torch staff on the map before or on the cleric joining would have been nice to have as a side option, especially given enemies have more move than your units.

The ballista on this map felt quite essential to victory. If anyone promoted Lynx into a non-archer class, I felt like that would be playing this map on hard mode. Every trainee got to promotion on this map except Ryne who was spamming rallies.


Given promotions on the last chapter and monster stats being quite low, this chapter felt like good breather for last chapter. Again, a solid triple split map.

I think having 4 enemy units phase into existence as soon as someone enters the room feels deliberately unfair to the player, especially if this was their last or close to last action.

I think its a tad weird that the flier joins on the side while Amber is forced to mid, and I felt like it was essential for me to rescue her with someone else before she suicides into the enemies. The trainee flier class does not appear to have canto, which even if intentional, I imagine would feel like a bug to quite a few players.

The anti-turtle being signalled the turn before like ‘oh no what’s that’ would have been nice as they spawn extremely close. This combined poorly with the fact that I assumed defeating the boss would end the map, so I had to try and get Ryne to promotion. Unfortunately, this not being the case ended up badly for me. I suppose transparency here would conflict with story purpose, but its worth noting.

The nosferatu boss does not gain +3 from life and death, he gains +10. Which is rather unfortunate as this gives him the damage to one shot every single unit in my party, so I had to rush him before eclipse went down.

Ch4x (the shop one)

Having a chance to spend money is neat. However, I do want to note that that a vanillaish precedent is that brown houses contain only lore and only red houses contain real loot, so the fact that I got antitoxin from a red house and then boots and a new unit from brown house really threw me off. I think it is also possible players might just skip them entirely due to precedent.

It may be worth making them all red houses or add some message saying this precedent does not hold or something.


This map has 11 deploy slots and I have 6 units. I am unsure if I managed to somehow miss five whole units along the way, but this felt like a way too big map for my party.

I think its rather silly that immediately after spending 9k gold in a dedicated shopping map the next chapter immediately asks for 15k for not one but two new units, one of whom is very strong. Arena grinding being borderline compulsory (I can’t imagine the other maps on this split playing well down 2 units) doesn’t feel great. I suggest perhaps dropping the exact gold amount needed as part of the map or maybe even an unsellable item requirement instead of having to grind for it.

The talk conversation for the money does not go away after it is satisfied.

What ended up happening was just staying in a corner while raising 9k gold at the arena and then very slowly beating the rest of the map one step at a time.

Due to the precedent of brown houses from earlier, I knew to check these ones and was glad I did.

The ballista on this map feel really mean especially with several with 1-15 and killer with 1-10, though having your own ballista for a ballista-off is pretty fun. I think perhaps reducing the range for normal to 1-10 and maybe killer to 1-7 so Lynx can outrange and giving them Boss AI would be more fair, since 1-15 is basically the entire GBA screen.

The middle fort looks like it can be walked around towards the main fort, but the river tile prevents passage for some units. I think it could serve to be a tile wider.

I was a bit suspicious of the fact that after clearing the whole map, Miriel and Nidori were just hanging out in each corner doing nothing and they had no talk conversations, so I unabashedly took a builder dive. It looks like their death conditions are totally different, which is interesting since I assumed they would be a Samsan-Arran choice. I feel like some transparency would have helped.


Overall, a solid defend/escape map. I enjoyed the objective change midway.

The boss might have just a bit too much reach as she overlaps with around when player units first engage the advanced hoard on the choke to next to the stairs.

Ended up with Miriel as the new unit. I only knew since I looked in builder, but it looks like the talk between Bridgette and Nidori doesn’t work since it targets the wrong version of Nidori. I have no idea if this talk convo was intentionally removed, but might as well report it in the case it wasn’t.

Many cavaliers in this chapter couldn’t use their weapons. I think it occurred for earlier chapters as well, but I don’t recall where. With cavs being a main enemy here, it was very noticeable. Happened for thieves as well.

The crates have no moving animation so they blank out when attacked. I think some feedback about what actually happens when one is destroyed would be nice, since it just kinda dies.

Reinforcements for the top crate after the escape is triggered feel a bit harsh since there’s no escape point near where it is defended.

The explosion blew up the gameover screen.


Convoy appeared to have a max of 218, which feels like a bug since its such an odd number and convoy expansion is usually to 200.

The map concept here is quite creative.

I suspect I may have made this chapter much harder for myself by splitting, since there was nothing to gain from the lower split when it was much easier approaching the first temple from the right side.

Axes being effective against the treants is funny. I assume fire tomes are as well, but I didn’t have one to test it with.

Harper joining was scary since she immediately charged enemies. I had Quinn get there fast enough before she did much else, but I’m unsure if she has the potential to suicide into enemies.

The top temple did not appear to have a visit event unlike the others, which was odd.

I think having fog siege tomes felt distinctly unfair as they would be impossible to predict. Not the case for the eclipse tomes, they were basically worthless, but more so for the singular bolting that two shots and comes close to one shotting. I have seen other hacks get around this by purposefully lighting up the area around siege units in a fog chapter, may be worth investigating.


Haven’t seen use of eggs since vanilla fe8, I think the rate at which they hatched flowed nicely with the map. I also appreciate how many directions the player can move through towards the objective.

Colin spawns beneath the map which crashes the game if the cursor moves to the right while on him.

The chapter says seize, but it ends upon defeating the boss.

This broken wall appears to not be a broken wall.

There was a few units that couldn’t use their weapons.

Not sure what the deal with the pickpocket was. I felt like joining on this chapter would have made sense as there are a lot of doors and chests across the map, but no talk conversation.

I assumed I had to open the doors for the greens, but that didn’t appear to do anything.

Presumably due to convoy bug, none of the items I got from this chapter made it into the convoy which was kind of a bummer.


This section is going to be biased depending on how my units grew, but this was my view on the units.

Some of the few starting units feel very volatile and will get one rounded without particular speed/HP/def level ups, such as Morgan, Irene and Quinn. I feel like their base stat lines could stand to be marginally less extreme to avoid such.

I’ll go into a bit more detail on trainees since they have promotions to talk about.

Ryne was a rally bot, but with his skills and statline I imagine he’d be pretty good if he got some real exp. It looks like he might be a viable mage, but given Fate, went with the sword class. I thought lunge would help more than +10 avoid on player phase, but their growths and promos seemed about the same. Ryne’s charisma was particularly great in the early game where trainees had poor hit.

Irene was a solid unit when she could one round things, but otherwise she felt like a worse Morgan since they have a similar spread, yet Irene has none of the bulk. Going merc didn’t appear to help with her speed issues. Fighter with fiery blood would have got her more one rounds, but I opted for pirate because capture is an insane skill and she has con.

Morgan starts off weird as he fluctuates between taking no damage and then getting one rounded. With a few speed levels, he’s quite bulky and was basically unkillable past chapter 4x. Soldier seemed objectively better than chevalier as it gets rally defence and more speed, and keeps lance. Scout gave no stats and gave a clone of Morgan’s personal skill, which seems like its bugged. Another note is that resourceful only applies to skybreaker and slayer, and does not double effective weapon damage, which means the skill seems useless.

Quinn starts off easily the worst of the trainees, but her growths and str and spd turned her into an offensive powerhouse as she got past the initial hurdles. I think any of Pegasus knight, archer and mage would have been a solid choice with her statline, but I opted for the flier since I thought I’d need the utility. Perfectionist seems to have the wrong icon, looks like a fe5 icon?

Solid chip was great in the early game, and having two ballista maps really helped Lynx. He ended up being my one of my most levelled unit due to how reliably he could one round things at range. Given the ballista, I think it was only a choice between arbalist and archer, and bowrange+1 was more promising to me than crossbows, though 1-2 range armor pierce does seem pretty good.

Silas was the early game crutch. Seemed to be much better than Morgan early on as he had the same statline but better speed base. He seems to have one of the easiest promotion choices, cavalier has the best statline and 7 move. 4 move armor doesn’t seem worth considering and fighter is just odd since he loses both his existing weapon types. Has great bulk and like Morgan, basically can’t die past like chapter 5.

Luin was a solid unit against early brigands who are quite spooky, and could get to one rounding them with the str boost ring. Thief utility was worth considering, but I figured a canto+ mount would be more preferable since well, canto+.

Colin just had great offensive stats and could almost one round everything he came across with a few levels. Cavalier is worth considering, but there aren’t any other magic users besides a possible Erin promo and troubadour is a waste of his offensive stats, so mage it is. It is also worth noting that black magic can actually make Colin worse, as triggering any status effect that prevents a counter (not poison) ends the battle and prevents Colin from doubling.

Erin is a staffbot. Not much else to say really. Devout seems like an awful choice since it has a subpar statline while also taking away your only healer for now (and during the split). Cleric was worth considering due to light magic, but I opted for troub as it looked like a better stat spread in the long run and more healing range/utility. Was probably the hardest choice.

Bridgette starts off as worse Erin, but the player does need the extra healer and she does her job. Once she gets powerstaff however, combining with her supply she has great utility and mobility.

Ash became a pretty middling unit after all the trainees get promotions, but thief utility doesn’t become unnecessary and his damage output isn’t awful, plus some 1-2 chip is nice. Bargain seems like a ridiculously game changing skill to have as a level up skill.

Klay was decent unit, could one round a lot of things but fairly shaky accuracy and bulk.

Ambar is a bard so he’s good. Not sure why charm skill icon is all weird.

Skylar starts pretty shaky at level 5 when all the trainees have promoted but she’s definitely worth the investment, having great offensive stats and mobility. Probably the least out there promo tree being just a choice in weapon type, went with wyvern knight since she has great skill to use axes and stat spread seemed solid.

Theodric is a wall. Nothing much to say about him besides how hard he is to kill.

Candace’s stats look bad compared to her surrounding units, but she could double occasionally and do decent damage, and was a mount, so solid filler.

On the other side of the party split, Aalez joins with frankly absurd bases. Trample makes her base strength effectively 17 and in combination with good speed base/growth, good bulk and move, basically outshines all the other units. I’m scared she’s going to just leave the army part way like another famous example of a broken mount with absurd bases and growths.

Miriel comes with worse bases in every aspect and worse skills compared to Aalez who joined the chapter before, but enemy quality is very low so she is still quite powerful. Another note is that it seems like her stats were auto-levelled, so her bases fluctuate significantly based on rng. I recommend making her bases fixed.

Didn’t have much time to use Harper, but good offensive bases and being flier automatically makes her solid.


Anyone with Fate in their top item slot regardless of if they can use it can use rally. Unrelated to this, I think rally weapons kind of kill Ryne as a unit since even though he is quite strong when levelled, as an early unit rally is just far better than anything he can do and forces him into a support role and killing his exp gains.

Both Ranseur and Fate are effectives but this isn’t stated. I’m not sure if I’ve missed other weapon effects, but I think stuff like this should more transparent.

I think it would be nice for shields to display what stats they give in the description, even if it does show on the enemies, just for the shoppers.

I think with player luck being fairly low to start off with, enemy weapons not having low crit chances would be nice as they feel like just low percentage chance to reset. This hurts more on bosses where is a guaranteed kill, especially the focus mage knight with a 5 crit tome.


There’s two minor points about AI I want to discuss.

One of them is the fact that some enemies use ‘attack only when adjacent AI’. I suggest using Boss AI here instead, as the former AI gives the enemies the illusion of moving far more than they can while Boss AI makes it pretty clear they’re stationary. I found manoeuvring in some parts particularly awkward since the ‘attack only when adjacent AI’ makes it look like there are way more enemies that threaten certain squares.

The other one is ‘attack in half range AI’. I actually suggest never using this AI. Of course, AI can’t ever be fully transparent and mixing it up is nice. However, ‘attack in half range AI’ violates the usual assumption that enemies are either stationary or will attack anyone in their range. Using boss AI for stationary enemies usually makes it abundantly clear what enemies will actually move, but mixing in ‘attack in half range’ leads to awkwardness where enemies that seem stationary are not.

Enemy skills

My own view is not having any skills on generical enemies, but that is entirely personal preference and not relevant.

I actually kind of liked the funny lunge Storches mercenaries as they could break player position.

What I think is relevant is the fact that proc skills on enemies feel distinctly unfair. That’s stuff like corrosion and black magic where the player has no real counter besides just one shotting the enemy before they can act, and its such a low chance that it feels barely relevant yet hurts a lot when it does happen. I suggest trading them off.


Another unrelated suggestion is making prep shops have no mark up. I like it since it streamlines just getting basic gear and there are plenty of specialty gear shops can sell anyways, but this is totally personal preference.

Luin and Morgan appear to have fe7 color scheme which is less bold than the rest of the portraits with a more fe8 color scheme, which sticks out.

In short, hope my feedback can be of some help. It’s an interesting project and look forward to more in the future.


Thanks for giving it a try and thanks for the feedback! I read it all and you make some good points and point out things I missed, so thank you for pointing them out to me.


It is a very good idea to use the Boss AI instead of the attack only when adjacent AI, especially in chapter 3.

I think having the attack in half range AI is nice, once in a while, I’ll try not to over use it.


Your notes about the bandit boss AI are well taken, I’ll tweak it so it is more clear that he can’t move for the first few turns.


Freya is actually a relatively late addition to the cast and is vaguely hidden. The level balance wasn’t built with her in mind and you don’t really need her, but I understand that having Ryne waddle across the map isn’t the best means to recruit her. I’ll definitely think about changing it.


Irene not having the rank to use the mace is intentional, as it makes her ranking up to D rank a goal. She does start halfway to D rank though.

Ryne having Rally is relatively new addition. I may tweak it going forward.

I’ll definitely changed the AI of the boss do display the proper range.


I do feel not having two units with thief vision would make ch4 very hard, which is part of why Morgan gets access to the thief skill set.

Stealing from player units is a bug that popped up after adding the steal from Green units patch. I don’t think its a huge deal since it’s just trading basically.

I’m glad you like the layout of the chapter!


I have moved around when Klay spawns a lot and I think you’re right about turn 8 being too late.

A torch staff was originally in the chests of the fort, but then I replaced it with something else :sweat_smile: . I think that I’ll make torches available in chapter 3.


You are right I will change that.

I will definitely add some foreshadowing to the reveal.

Oh no. That’s bad. Ahhhhhh that was not intended and quite bad. I will definitely change that.

Ch4xx (shopping)

I may make them all red houses. I just liked the look of each house being different on the map.


The 11 deploy slots are there just in case someone decides to give every unit to Silas for some reason. The map is very big which is because Silas bit off more than he can chew.

I think your are correct about the arena grinding. I additionally recently lowered the amount of money the player gets in the first 3 chapters, because I felt I may have been giving out too much. I may instead give mercenaries in the chapter money which can be collected to recruit Theodoric and cut the arena entirely.

Sigh… Okay I’ll try to make it work properly again.

Agreed, I will be sure to change it.

I will definitely consider it, I think they only lack transparency because at the time I made it I wasn’t sure what to say about either.


Chapter 6 and Chapter 8 are the newest chapters and thus have the least testing.

I accidentally changed it. Thanks for catching this, I will fix it.

Will be fixed.

:thinking: like a small explosion?


I saw this bug and thought it was just a visual one. I’ll investigate it.

I think you’re right and I will do something to illuminate the bolting trees.


Thank you for list of things that you had issue with this chapter. This chapter and 6 are the newest and thus least tested. I will fix these and look into the convoy bug further.

Yeah this is something I’ll probably be changing. She was not meant to be recruitable this chapter but it was supposed to show that she exists. It would be better if she joined this chapter.


Thank you for this, I had no idea that resourceful didn’t double effective weapon damage, that’s a real bummer. Scouts and morgan will both have different skills soon.

I changed some icons around. I question my decisions sometimes.

I didn’t consider this. I will likely change his second skill from black magic as a result.

It shared the same icon as Charisma, which I found confusing.

Oof. I may tweak Aalez to tone her down.


Unfortunate. I may need to figure out a new way to do this then.

I was worried about the information fitting in the box, but I will be sure to add it.

Good idea.

I will definitely consider this.

Enemy Skills

I don’t mind enemies with skills, so long as they don’t have too many. I prefer to reserve proc skills for bosses, but I understand how black magic especially can suck when you lack the means to deal with it. I will be limiting how much black magic there is or give you a restore staff since it is kind of nonsense.

I like the corrosion skill on the enemies that have it because it changes what weapons you want to bring to bear against those enemies, which makes approaching them different than battling other enemy units.


I work on adding new sprites for the both of them.

You feedback was immensely helpful! Thank you for it. :slight_smile:


First off I want to thank everyone who has playtested the hack thus far, the feedback has been very helpful! The hack has been updated a lot with the comments from various playtesters. Most of the changes only are relevant to the first 6 chapters since that is what I got the most feedback on. The changes are mostly minor, but there are a lot of them, but I’m not going to list them all here. Some things are:

Some Things
  • Less tutorials (I’m gradually purging them as I stumble across them), but there are still some there.
  • Trainee base stats have been boosted slightly so that they fit a niche from the moment you get them.
  • Irene is a better unit now, she has speed growth
  • Morgan and Freya have new personal skills
  • Freya joins at the end of chapter 1 now (ryne no longer has to trek across the map)
  • Morgan and Lynx have changed promotion options. (Maybe the scout can outcompete the archer?)
  • Promotion bonuses from some tier1 classes have been toned down, while other have been increased to make them more viable options.
  • Shields display stats
  • Enemy AI changes to make things more transparent
  • Enemy reinforcement changes
  • 4x boss no long has black magic
  • The weird ch8 bugs are fixed
  • Annabeth recruitable
  • Characters say naughty words 1/3 less than they previously did

I’m unsure at what point its a good idea to announce I made changes, or if I should just quietly sneak changes in while no one is looking, but this seems like it was enough to warrant another post.

Things I have been thinking about
  • Letting trainee units promote at level 5 or level 7, but miss out on their level 10 skill.
  • Editing the XP gain for tier 1 units.
  • Changing the way skills work for enemy units.

I completed chapter 2 but I had to restart a few times.The problem is nobody in the squad has bulk to take a few hit.All of them are squishy & gets 2 shot.Please make someone a bit more bulky.I would suggest you to give Ryne 2-3 more defense at base that would help a lot in early game.

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Sure, I just gave everyone asides from Quinn an additional 1-2 defense.

when i promote skylar into a griffon rider, she can’t use her iron blade anymore, but griffon riders are supposed to use swords

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Thanks for catching that, I just updated the ups to fix it.

More updates have been added! These updates focus on the comments from @Rivian and the playtest by @Xilirite . Thank you both for giving the hack a try! :smile:

The most important change is:
All trainees have been made strictly better, than the were before. If you found the hack unbearably hard when you tried it at launch, it should be much less nonsense now.

Abbreviated Change Log
  • Morgan can now promote into a fighter, silas now has the soldier as a promotion option.
  • Morgan and Luin’s Sprites are updated to fe8 colors so they don’t look as washed out
  • Shields are not available in most shops anymore (cause apparently they stack. infinitely)
  • Chapter 5’s map is edited so you can go around the middle castle
  • Miriel was removed from the chapter to lessen confusion
  • Tier 1 units now get even less xp than their tier 0 counter parts
  • Alez has been nerfed
  • Enemies with siege tomes have are now able to be seen on chapter 7.
  • Ecclipse has been made more accurate
  • Staff xp has gone up
  • Brigands have clothes, savages don’t have clothes/
  • Brigand Trainee, because why not
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The pirate guy for some reason is always poisoned. Also is chapter 4x suppose to end when you route? Because I killed the boss and the chapter just continued. If it’s supposed to be like that maybe don’t us silver weapon skeletons

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But I’m also not the best at FE so it might just be me

Thanks for catching the poison with Percy. I just fixed it. As for the boss of chapter 4x, it’s not a route chapter:


After you kill the lich boss the true boss spawns and you have to kill Garmr to finish the chapter. I’ll slow down the appearance of the skeletons to after you kill the lich boss.

Found that Ash can “steal” from party members.

Doesn’t cause an error or anything though. But could act as an exploit to max him.

Also found Ch 4 Boss Gunther his map portrait versus his battle quote portrait are different.

Ch4x Boss’s portrait and name are broken when viewing.

No screentshot but the Unit name Crossbowman cuts off the n when viewing.

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Thanks for giving it a play!

  • Ash being able to steal from allies is a bug from the steal from npc factions patch, which is needed for certain future chapters where you fight hostile green units. I don’t think there is a fix for this yet, so I may add a known bug section for this one.
  • Fixed Gunther’s boss quote.
  • Shortened chapter 4x boss’s name
  • Even with narrow font on the Crossbowman’s name gets cut off. I think this is fine.

The things you mentioned that could be fixed were and the ups has been updated. :slight_smile:


The Ch4X Boss portrait is still missing his eyes.

There appears to be an issue with Short bow’s.

Lynx has C Bow but is unable to use it though it says it needs D rank. There is also a skeleton with it on Ch4X that is unable to use his as well.


I made a recent change to shortbows. Archers can’t use them otherwise they get to have 1-3 range. I restricted them to nomads and scouts. I’ll find a place to mention that archers can’t use them.

Skeletons not being able to use them was an oversight, it has been changed.

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It seems to have been an issue with his invisible mouth covering his eyes. But it is also now fixed.

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It seems the Boss’s Drop in chapter 3 is broken, his inventory has a droppable Magic ring, but once defeated he drops 8000 gold instead, additionally stealing the ring with Ash makes it disappear and neither reward is obtained.


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Thanks for giving it a try and for catching that. There was hard coding on the item slot I used to create the Magic Ring. I removed it. The new patch contains this fix.

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