FE7U translate question

Anyone know how to delete “a” ?
We are trying translating “The last promise” into other language, but we dont know where the text “a” is.
The Last Promise v1.4汉化版-0


It seems that it disappears when the following 1 byte is modified.
0x01721C: 0x00

080171E4 B570   push {r4,r5,r6,lr}   //GetItemSomeString
080171E6 1C04   mov r4 ,r0
080171E8 0609   lsl r1 ,r1 ,#0x18
080171EA 0E0E   lsr r6 ,r1 ,#0x18
080171EC 25FF   mov r5, #0xff
080171EE 4025   and r5 ,r4
080171F0 00E8   lsl r0 ,r5 ,#0x3
080171F2 1940   add r0 ,r0, r5
080171F4 0080   lsl r0 ,r0 ,#0x2
080171F6 490C   ldr r1, [pc, #0x30] # pointer:08017228 -> 08BE222C (Item )
080171F8 1840   add r0 ,r0, r1
080171FA 8800   ldrh r0, [r0, #0x0] # pointer:08BE22BC -> 027C03F6
080171FC F7FB FD30   bl 0x08012c60   //GetStringFromIndex Calls some functions in IRAM to copy text from the rom  r0=text id
08017200 1C20   mov r0 ,r4
08017202 F000 F83B   bl 0x0801727c   //GetItemAttributes
08017206 2110   mov r1, #0x10
08017208 4001   and r1 ,r0
0801720A 4249   neg r1 ,r1
0801720C 0FC9   lsr r1 ,r1 ,#0x1f
0801720E 2D36   cmp r5, #0x36
08017210 DC02   bgt #0x8017218
    08017212 2D34   cmp r5, #0x34
    08017214 DB00   blt #0x8017218
        08017216 2101   mov r1, #0x1
08017218 0632   lsl r2 ,r6 ,#0x18
0801721A 1612   asr r2 ,r2 ,#0x18
0801721C 2001   mov r0, #0x1   <<<<<HERE<<
0801721E F7FB FE79   bl 0x08012f14
08017222 BC70   pop {r4,r5,r6}
08017224 BC02   pop {r1}
08017226 4708   bx r1

Coooooooooooooool!!! Thank you very much!!!

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