FE7Lex v1.5 Released! (31 chapters so far)

Well, the resultion of the unit circles is no higher than the map sprites so they too can be considered pixel art. Did you check the options menu? You can toggle them on or off at your leisure. Many of the cosmetic features can be turned on or off in this manner. There’s also an alternative: you can change the HP bars to be always-on and use team colors.

I’m a bit surprised that someone would prefer all the units to be plain blue considering how modern FE titles handle this. However, I don’t think it would take too much work to make the map sprite colors toggle-able. I already did that for the green team.

Upon actually playing the game, the circles aren’t actually that bad at all. It’s probably worth it to make colored map sprites toggleable though.

There’s something problematic with the Manage menu during the early chapters.
I made the mistake of using the “Optimize All” function, and my stat boosters disappeared.
I assume they are in the convoy, which I can’t access yet.

This is definitely a bug. Will fix for the next version. Thanks.

(Don’t use “optimize” for now until you have convoy access.)

Looks super interesting! I am curious though, since it isn’t finished yet. Can I expect to be able to continue my playthrough when more chapters are added?

Good question. I am going to try to make that the case from here on out but I can’t guarantee it.

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Hello, thank you very much for bringing such an excellent work. I have cleared the current chapter and did a great job. I hope to see it finish one day. Thank you again

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I haven’t encountered your problem. After downloading and decompressing, click on exe to start playing

Windows Defender suddently decided FE7Lex is a Grandoreiro Trojan

A critical hit dealt 20 damage despite the fact that a normal hit would have dealt 5 damage. What gives?

Also, I can’t figure out how hit, crit and avoid are calculated. Personally, I believe that the straight-forwardness of FE calculations compared to other trpg is one of its greatest and most enjoyable features.

More than once while playing this game I checked the opponent’s stats to figure out whether it was safe to place a unit in range but then the damage/hit rate/crit wasn’t what I assumed it should have been.

I suggest you should add and “Info” option somewhere where everything is explained in detail.

You probably had a slim weapon equipped. They give an extra 5 damage when you Crit. It says it in the description of all the slim weapons.

The only time I’ve had issues is when I failed to read skills or descriptions on my end. You’re reading all the skills and weapons, right? Though if you pick modern it uses modern FE formulas compared to classic GBA formulas as far as I am aware, so maybe that is throwing you off? Beccarte is pretty good at letting you know specifics if you ask. :thinking:

I see, I didn’t notice that effect of slim weapons. I saw “+5 crit” and assumed it was just a reminder of the extra crit rate.

I have no idea what you mean by “modern” FE formulas though. For example, I thought hit chance was supposed to be weapon hit + Skill * 2 + Lck /2.

My Lyn has the Mani Katti (Hit 75), 12 Skill and Luck 9, yet she has 108 Hit, not 103.

She’s at full health so her unique skill doesn’t apply, and literally nobody else is fielded so she can’t get any bonus from supports or other skills. Where does that +5 to hit come from?

Hey, I’m traveling at the moment and don’t have access to my files, but it’s possible that this arises from the weapon rank bonus. I don’t remember modifying those from the defaults in the engine, so they might currently diverge from the GBA calcs. I’ll take a look at those when I get back.


That’s ok, I’ve done that before where I haven’t fully read something and got confused. It happens in Yugioh a lot haha XD.

By modern FE formulas, I meant like FE3H or Engage, since the formulas there are different compared to the GBA versions. I did double check the formulas in the game itself and it is going by the GBA formulas. So you are correct in calculating the Hit up to that point, but there is a bonus +5 hit in weapons starting from Rank D.

Thanks for checking this out. The weapon ranks in vanilla are heavily weighted towards the S rank IIRC. It’s probably a good idea to make the lower increases in rank slightly more meaningful. I’ll look into this when I’m able to.

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Would it be possible to list these bonuses when checking your weapon rank?


You’re welcome, happy to help. :slight_smile: From what I saw the bonus scaling looked fine to me, since it wasn’t that massive of a boost. I’ll keep it in mind when I play tonight though and see what I think. :thinking:

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I just posted a new update containing the Genesis side-chapter alongside some recently requested modifications.


I have entered a new version using the previous version of the save file. There are no enemies in the Four Teeth Attack chapter. Is it because the old save file cannot be used, or has it not been modified?

Nope, you’ve simply reached the end of the chapters that I’ve made so far! This chapter is still a work in progress.