Fe7if[Sort of Solved]

Has anyone succeed hacking fe7if and make those animations available to us western scrubs? Assuming no.
Seeing as they don’t care about sprites theft.

I ripped a bunch of their animations once by just using gba’s slow motion feature and snapping shots of each frame in action. At this point thanks to the new FEditor, it’d be trivial for me to copy paste them over the vanilla animations and get them working. I’ll do it… later.

Klok, why do you scare me all the time?

90% of them are just shitty Durandal Lyn reskins.

I want them though for the others,. like Alice’s animation and whoever that female hector edit is, because they’re female variants of existing classes.

Is that jerryrigged for actual FEditor dumps from the FE7if ROM or just something you recreated? If it’s the former, let the packages flow!

Hmm… I don’t remember seeing that build for FEditor before.

@Temp made it possible. He’s also discovered previously unknown bugs with FEditor that he’s fixing now because of this.

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