[FE7] World Map Troubleshooting [SOLVED]

So I’ve been trying to tackle this problem for quite a while with no success.


I keep getting that weird static looking effect on my maps no matter how I insert the images into GBAGE. I don’t think it has anything to do with the amount of colors right? As I’m only using one color palette out of four and in that one palette, there are only six colors. Does it matter if I put it in compressed or not compressed? Unchecking the compressed box will show the static effect in the preview box in GBAGE so I’ve been inserting it compressed.

I made sure they are all the correct dimensions:


I have done the process outlined in Prime’s guide quite a few times but still end up with the same results. Is there something that I am missing? The full world map works perfectly fine but not the zoomed in portion. I’m not sure if this is a color palette problem or something else?

Yes, this always matters. I don’t know which way it should be, I’d have to read the tutorial and such. But it matters for every single thing you insert, palettes and bitmaps. The base code is not doing anything magic to try to detect whether you put it in compressed or not - it is making blind assumptions. Therefore whatever you’re doing must do it the same way as the data you replaced.

Well the compressed or not compressed solved the glitchy static effect, but the weird color palette still remains. Do you know anything about that zahlman? I tried using APE, manually changing the values at 574990 in hexator, importing the palette when inserting in GBAGE, but for some reason, the transparency ( i assume ) keeps staying black.

Now the world map insertion guide says to use a red pixel in the upper left most corner, and I tried this, but i can’t change the transparency color. Does positioning of the colors have anything to do with it? I’m referring to the string of hex values at 574990 where the palette is. I noticed the ROM usually reads the first four bytes as the transparency color but even when changing that the in game results end up the same. I also made sure that all 4 palettes are the same with whatever changes I made as well.


It doesn’t need to be red. It needs to be your background color. Are your images saved as .bmp’s? In this case, .png is not the way to go.

I thought I knew what a transparency color is, but just to clarify, what is it?

I mean, I know the definition of it is, and how it works in say, the background of the portraits, but in the case of my world map, if I want the outside layers to be a certain color, how would that work?

The lime green that is used in portraits is the transparency color so that in the game we see the light blue. But in the case of the world map, all I ever see is the color black, even though I never put the color in my world map in any of the color slots. Regardless of what color I put, it always shows up as black.

And yes, all inserted images are in. bmp format.

Images for GBA are basically a grid of numbers, and the palette tells the GBA what colour is which number. Number 0, the first colour in the palette, is always the transparent colour, no matter what colour you see in the bmp/png.

So, for your world map, colours 1-15 will stay the same but colour 0 will be transparent over a black background. The solution is to reorder the palette so that colour 0 is the one that you’re not using. I use GIMP to do this, but I think it should be possible in Usenti too.

It took a few days of fiddling with usenti but i finally have everything in working order. The world map is working flawlessly so far. Thanks a lot everyone for the help! Honestly, I’m not sure how long it would of taken me to figure this out as things such as the compressed and uncompressed factors was not something I would of considered obvious to check out.