[FE7] Weapon Ability 1

Applying the Venno’s Weapon Lock Array hack I noticed that I have to use other Nightmare modules that uses “Weapon Ability” to work, then I noticed that those modules didn’t have a complete combination of abilities, it just list the Effect by separate, not only that, when I modified the magic tomes and I set the byte to “0x02 Magic” the tome in question couldn’t be equipped, to work properly the byte must be “0x03”
So, I modified the “Weapon Ability 1.txt” to set a complete list of the possible useful combinations:

0x00 None
0x01 Weapon
0x02 Magic Effect
0x03 Magic Tome
0x04 Staff
0x05 Equipable Staff
0x08 Infinite Effect
0x09 Infinite Weapon
0x0B Infinite Magic Tome
0x0C Infinite Staff
0x0D Infinite Equipable Staff
0x10 Unsellable Effect
0x11 Unsellable Weapon
0x13 Unsellable Magic Tome
0x14 Unsellable Staff
0x15 Unsellable Equipable Staff
0x19 Weapon (US+I)
0x1B Magic Tome (US+I)
0x1C Staff (US+I)
0x1D Equipable Staff (US+I)
0x20 Brave effect
0x21 Brave Weapon
0x23 Brave Magic Tome
0x24 Brave Staff
0x25 Brave Equipable Staff ?
0x29 Weapon (B+I)
0x2B Magic Tome (B+I)
0x2C Staff (B+I)
0x2D Equipable Staff (B+I)
0x31 Weapon (B+US)
0x33 Magic Tome (B+US)
0x34 Staff (B+U)
0x35 Equipable Staff (B+US)
0x39 Weapon (B+US+I)
0x3B Magic Tome (B+US+I)
0x3C Staff (B+US+I)
0x3D Equipable Staff (B+US+I)
0x40 Magic Damage Effect
0x41 Magic Weapon
0x49 Magic Weapon (I)
0x51 Magic Weapon (US)
0x59 Magic Weapon (I+US)
0x61 Magic Weapon (B)
0x69 Magic Weapon (B+I)
0x71 Magic Weapon (B+US)
0x79 Magic Weapon (B+I+US)
0x80 Uncounterable Effect
0x81 Uncounterable Weapon
0x83 Uncounterable Magic Tome
0x84 Uncounterable Staff?
0x85 Uncounterable Equipable Staff?
0x89 Weapon (UC+I)
0x8B Magic Tome (UC+I)
0x8C Staff (UC+I)
0x8D Equipable Staff (UC+I)
0x91 Weapon (UC+US)
0x93 Magic Tome (UC+US)
0x94 Staff (UC+US)
0x95 Equipable Staff (UC+US)
0x99 Weapon (UC+US+I)
0x9B Magic Tome (UC+US+I)
0x9C Staff (UC+US+I)
0x9D Equipable Staff (UC+US+I)
0xA1 Weapon (UC+B)
0xA3 Magic Tome (UC+B)
0xA4 Staff (UC+B)
0xA5 Equipable Staff (UC+B)
0xA9 Weapon (UC+B+I)
0xAB Magic Tome (UC+B+I)
0xAC Staff (UC+B+I)
0xAD Equipable Staff (UC+B+I)
0xB1 Weapon (UC+B+US)
0xB3 Magic Tome (UC+B+US)
0xB4 Staff (UC+B+US)
0xB5 Equipable Staff (UC+B+US)
0xB9 Weapon (UC+B+US+I)
0xBB Magic Tome (UC+B+US+I)
0xBC Staff (UC+B+US+I)
0xBD Equipable Staff (UC+B+US+I)
0xC1 Magic Weapon (UC)
0xC9 Magic Weapon (UC+I)
0xD1 Magic Weapon (UC+US)
0xD9 Magic Weapon (UC+I+US)
0xE1 Magic Weapon (UC+B)
0xE9 Magic Weapon (UC+B+I)
0xF1 Magic Weapon (UC+B+US)
0xF9 Magic Weapon (UC+B+I+US)
0xFF All of the above


  • US: Unsellable, I: Infinite, B: Brave, UC: Uncounterable.
  • Magic Effect displays Str in the stat screen when it’s equipped, but it targets Res.
  • Magic Tome can be used in a weapon, it displays Mag in the stat screen and targets Res.
  • Weapon can be used in a Magic tome, it displays Str in the stat screen and targets Def.
  • Equipable Staff equips the Staff and it will act like a weapon.

Well, they’re just… bits… in a bitmap… but I guess useful for someone get getting into hacking, so thanks nevertheless.