FE7 vs FE8

I’ve been making a hack on FE7 for a long time now, and now I made so many mistakes that I’m planning to start from scratch again.
I used FE7 because at the time it was the one with more resources. But now FE8 has a lot of advantages, like the capture system and the skill system. I think converting the events from FE7 to FE8 wouldn’t be a big problem.

However, there’s only one advantage from FE7 over FE8: The Str/Mag split system.

Is somebody working on that system?
If not, should I change from FE7 to FE8?

I really need the Str/Mag split system because I balanced my hack around it, and it would be hard to balance units that use weapons and magic without it.

I think there a patch for the for FE8 in FEBuilder, at least one for res to be treated as mag

I believe a strength magic split is soon to be included in the skill system. That’s what I’ve heard.