[FE7] Venno's and Blazer's Passive Boost hacks[Open?]

I was trying to apply Venno’s patch in my hack, but it messes up the weapon system (Mag displayed instead of Str, units always using ranged animations, etc.) and it doesn’t work at all, I tried both the ASM patcher and doing it manually, but nothing.

Then I tried the Blazer’s one and it worked well, I managed to make it work for separate items and even I figured out to make it boost Str, I tried to do the same for Skl, Spd and Luck, but it doesn’t works… I thought that just changing some pointers (Like I did with the Str one) it would work, but it seems that it’s not the case (I don’t know almost nothing about ASM XD)

So, anyone can help me with this?
Also, here is what I done with the Blazer’s hack.

Hmm, I haven’t heard of my hack messing up animations and Str/Mag display before; I just installed my hack on a fresh ROM to be sure and it works perfectly. Could yo go into more detail about how you’re installing the code? You’re sure you’ve installed it correctly, replaced the item table pointers, etc?

Can you think of any other modifications to the battle code that your hack has?
(Also, are you using the PAL version of FE7?)

I’m using the (U) version of the ROM (PAL versions aren’t supported by FEditor Adv.), and I think that the problem could be the Nintendlord’s Str/Mag fix or the shadowofchaos’ multiple sacred weapon hack, because all weapons flash like if they were sacred.

Yeah, I think NIntenlord’s Str/Mag split and my stat boost hack don’t play nice - I’ll look into his hack and see where the problem is.

Possibly (er, rather, probably) Nintenlord’s str/mag hack modifies the str getter. I don’t recall it doing that when I browsed through its code…

But yeah, I’d avoid using the Str/Mag split anyway.

It was my bad, it’s not Nintenlord patch, is Xeld’s patch (The one that fixes Str/Mag display). I didn’t remember until I found the video…

That’s interesting. I wonder if I can rehash that in a way that’s compatable.

Edit: Source code for Xeld patch anywhere?

I found this on his documentation:





080184DC   214C mov r1, 4Ch
080184DE   5841 ldr r1, [r0, r1]
080184E0   2202 mov r2, 2h
080184E2   4011 and r1, r2
080184E4   2900 cmp r1, 0h
080184E6   D001 beq 80184ECh
080184E8   2001 mov r0, 1h
080184EA   E000 b 80184EEh
080184EC   2000 mov r0, 0h
080184EE   4770 bx lr