[FE7] Unlocking the Sound Room by default

[7:36:16 PM | Edited 7:36:51 PM] Cam: at 0x0A60EA, change the two bytes there
[7:36:18 PM] Cam: to 00 00
[7:36:33 PM | Edited 7:37:03 PM] Cam: (change 0A60EA and 0A60EB to 00)
[7:35:44 PM | Edited 7:35:48 PM] Cam: at 0x0A60EE, you should see 20 21
[7:35:57 PM] Cam: change the 20 to 02
[7:36:01 PM] Cam: to unlock the sound room

This will unlock the sound room permanently from a new ROM, fresh save, everything.


At 0x0AAEBC, change 0x0B to 0xFF to make unlock all songs by default.

Credits to Blazer for this tidbit of information.


Change 0xAEDE0 from 0x0B to 0xFF to unlock all songs for FE8.

It didn’t seem to work for me…

EDIT: I think I figured it out. I’m dumb.

The equivalant for FE8 is at 0xAEDE0. Change the 0x0B to 0xFF as well.

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While looking through the unlocked soundroom, I noticed that there were two entries that were dashed out and unavailable. Upon further inspection(in Nightmare), I found that there were about five or so entries near the end that were not in the sound room, which also had ASM pointers associated with them. By 00’ing out the ASM pointers, I got those five or so songs to show up in the sound room(unlocked) as well.

Ah the double dash bonus content

Did you record which bytes need changing?

The offset? I would have to check first. But I do know that in the Nightmare module, they were offsets:
0x63, 0x62, 0x61, 0x60, 0x5F, 0x5E.

Actually, sure, I could probably find the offsets:
CE5310, CE5320, CE5330, CE5340, CE5350, CE5360.
Replace the bytes there with 00 00 00 00 or eight 0’s.


Incidentally doing this also removes the cap on sound room entries, so if you need more than 100 songs you’ll also have to zero out those entries.

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