[FE7] Table-Based Anyone-Seizes

@If the chapter ID is in a table, then anyone can seize
@Otherwise, only allow Lyn_t and the 3 lords.
@Table format:
@AA BB CC . . . DD 00
@AA, BB, etc are chapter IDs. 00 indicated end of table

Done for @Arch (in like literally 7 minutes) and I might as well share it.
Replace the last 4 bytes with a pointer to where you want your table to be, and paste the dump at 0x08034884


I’m pretty sure that’s been done already by like Alex or Blazer

not in a table, and I mean, I just did it because @Arch needed it. The implementation by Hex just hardcoded a check against 2 chapter IDs. Also had a really weird check to make sure the byte was <= 0xFF (O.o what)

Might’ve been Blazer then but I know it was done by a table

Maybe @Venno made a hack that made whoever was said in a table to be able to seize? Did he do that? In any case, the way this is formatted is different.