[FE7] Switch Difficulty on Command

Normal Mode:
01 49 00 20 08 70 70 47 0C BC 02 02
Hard Mode:
01 49 40 20 08 70 70 47 0C BC 02 02


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Wouldn’t it be more practical to actually have the assembly code?
Like, I know you discovered “memory hacking via events”, but documenting them just like this won’t really help that much other than creating a database of possible things you can ASMC.

What WOULD be more useful is using Hextator’s doc of the memory or other things you can find, provide assembly instructions for display.

…Or better yet, incorporate it into the Event Assembler Standard Library.

Arch keeps “speaking for me”
I did this for him so he posted it here >_>

Hahah. I like stuff made for me being available.

Could you post the source?

.org 0x00

ldr r1, =0x0202BC0C
mov r0, #0x40
strb r0, [r1]
bx r14

0x0202BC0C is the memory address of the byte that determines difficuly. 0x40 is hard mode and 0x0 is normal.

would be better to OR it to the existing difficulty byte so it preserves eliwood/hector mode

Do we call this as ASMC offset+1, as usual?

And the mode is handlers by a different byte