[FE7] Support Condition [Solved]

Is there a way to check if two units have level A support?

You mean, like, within event code, or just what?

Yes, via events.

No, the base game can’t check for support levels via event. It does have an ASM routine for determining if Hector and Lyn have an A support, so making a copy of that for any two characters wouldn’t be too tough.

That routine is at 0x7A1F9 for anyone who’s interested.

Looking at the code

B5 02 20 2D 21 AC F7 03 FD 00 06 00 16 02 BC 08 47 00 00 00 

I just have to replace the 02 and the 2D to the units I want to check, right?

Yep, that should do it.

I’m thinking we ought to generalize this (as a Fireshell thing). Aren’'t routines invoked via ASMC normally able to take parameters? So we could pass the character IDs in from the event script.

It’s a CHARASM, but indeed, the routine at $7A1F9 just sets the parameters and calls a different routine. So you could make a variant that retrieved the parameters from some memory location, instead.

I’m not certain how you could easily pass in those parameters using an FE7 event script is the thing.