[FE7] Stats to 0 on reset

I’m aware that FE7 has mostly been moved on from, but would there happen to be any patches that fix the bug that resets stats to 0 when they’re above 30/31? I know there’s one for FE8, it’s just easier for me to use FE7 as a base currently.

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It’s not a bug.
It’s a matter of save space, what you looking for is a save expansion patch.

In that case, is there a save expansion patch for FE7? Will the class expansion patch work?

I’m pretty sure FEBuilder has a save expansion patch for FE7 and FE8. Be warned, though, that it’ll break any existing save data so you’ll have to start any play through from the beginning.

I’ve seen the class expansion patch, is that what I need?

No, it should be called something like “Status limit break”. Most patches have descriptions that say what they each do so you can check those to make sure.

I don’t see one for FE7. Is there one I can download separately and apply myself? I’d prefer to not have to start over in FE8.

Unfortunately, the patch is for the Japanese rom of FE7 and it can’t simple be used on an English rom as it results in a crash. Maybe someone could make the necessary changes to make it work, but I’m not that guy.

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