[FE7] Shorten the Character pointer

Given that Character pointer is used less often than Class pointer (IMO, since I don’t know much about event hacking), I wonder if it’s possible (and worthy enough) to replace the pointer with the index (requires 1 free register).
IMO (after trying to read character’s pointer, excluding event), the number of routine reading the character pointer is less than the one reading class pointer. Moreover, we only need 1 extra register and a few code for every character reading/writing.
That way, we can get 3 more free bytes, which we can use to add more stats, status, etc.

I’m confused what you mean when you say the character pointer is used less than the class pointer, especially regarding events. Honestly, if anything it’s the other way around; you can call any pre-loaded ally unit with just their character and not their class, most things(such as MOVE, FIGH, DISA) work much better using a character call vs using a class call(I don’t even think you can even use FIGH calling classes instead of the character slot).

Idk though, maybe I’m understanding what you say incorrectly.

I’m sorry if it confuses you. What I mean is character pointer is read less often than class pointer on regular routine (not in event routine), given that class table has more data compared with character table. Personally, I wish someone can help me regarding event routine, since I don’t have enough experience with event hacking.
Even if reading character pointer is more complex, we can still use the class pointer for this. IMO, adding new independent stats like Magic is possible (not using it to replace STR, RES, or other stats) Or we can use them for other uses.

It’s funny how IS bothered to pack the bits into the SRAM for unit stats but store 32 bit references for something they could have used an 8 bit index for.

and how you think fixing that will get done anytime soon

It seems like it’d be pretty extensive to track down every single place where the character(or class) pointer is loaded. A lot of places, like where it checks for skills, does something similar to just loading the character, loading the class, then loading an ability bit from either of them and orr-ing them. It seems like it would take a lot of work to compress all though routines to still fit in place, though we could always make a subroutine to get the character and class pointer, but still… lots of places it’s called. It’d be nice if it WERE done though. But yeah, lots of places it’s referenced.

… though I guess we could always break on read to it and fix them one-by-one throughout a playthrough of an other-wise normal FE7 ROM, but… eeeeh. Maybe someday.