[FE7] Setting individual class promotion levels?[Open]

I’d like to be able to alter certain classes to promote at level 20 in my hack. I want all the others to promote at level 10 as normal. Have there been any assemblies that perform this function?

Not that I know of, but it would be easy to make one.

On another note, what about auto-promotion? That’d probably take some serious assembly but if we could get promotion at 10+ with items and auto-promotion at level 20 without items, that’d be great :slight_smile:

I was actually going to take a look at this.

Change the item usability effects to check for that class. Takes some minor assembly (see Blazer’s item notes for reference).

I tried the naive approach to auto-promotion(just branch to the use effect of using a promo item) and it glitched up afterwards, so uh, don’t do that.

Welp, no auto-promotion. That sucks. To be fair the fact it’s even slightly possible is pretty monumental.

Individual class promotion levels is still doable though right?


Blazer did autopromotion for FE7

He doesn’t hack anymore though… maybe he has notes for it somewhere?

I have the source on my old comp I think